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I’m Joel Pence and I’m a DIY nut with many, many years of experience.

With a background in engineering, I have a lot of knowledge on how tools and machines work. This affords me the opportunity of sharing valuable technical insight for experienced trades people and DIY weekend warriors. I’ve paid my dues as a technical professional. The time arrived when I could do something more, share my life’s experience in the hope that it will bring joy and value to like-minded people. So, I’m going to tell you more about myself and why this site is so important to me.

Like so many youngsters, I wasn’t too sure what I would end up doing with my life when I graduated high school. From an early age, I was absorbed and fascinated by how things work. I can’t count the times that my parents would yell at me because I had taken the toaster apart, or some similar crazy idea. By the time I was 12-years-old, I was the neighborhood repair guy. All the kids on the block were bringing their bicycles around and I would spend my time fixing them. This ended up being quite a lucrative endeavor. I was quite the young entrepreneur.

My obsession with learning about mechanics and electrics grew over time. It was a natural progression that I went on to study electrical engineering and ended up in the field of electromechanics. It was an exciting journey through many different industries, learning new skills and discovering new technologies. In time, my professional responsibilities grew. As a result, I spent many years training young technicians and engineers. This was probably the highlight of my professional career.

As life would have it, things change. We grow, and with it, our ambitions. A time came, when I’d gone as far as I wanted in the engineering field. A change was needed. A new challenge, something that would reignite my excitement . A good friend suggested blogging. It would be a wonderful opportunity to do something new and share a treasure chest of knowledge, gained over decades. This was the humble beginnings of a great new adventure, bestpowertoolz was born, and has become an important part of my life. I started this website to share my ideas and knowledge.

My professional experience is an obvious advantage. Though I believe it’s my passion for DIY projects that has led me to where I am now. It’s something I love and feel privileged to do. Throughout my life, I’ve enjoyed fixing and building stuff. This includes just about everything, from auto repairs to building and DIY projects.

My home shop is packed with tools of every description. It’s a collection that has accumulated over a lifetime and is my pride my and joy. My technical professional experience, along with a general excitement about tools and machinery gives me a unique perspective. I believe this is worth sharing. I’m not just talking about tools and how they work, I’m sharing a part of my life.

Whether I’m talking to an industry specialist or a fellow DIYer, the idea is to provide useful understanding. I know, better than anyone, what tools mean to us. They are not merely bits of metal. Without the right tools, we would not be able to do what we do. We could almost say that tools are an extension of ourselves.

Over the years, I’ve spent every penny I could afford on the best power tools. Time has taught me many lessons, some of them have been expensive. For the young guns, starting out on the great adventure of DIY, I can help you avoid the mistakes I made along the way. Believe me, I’ve made a few. My desire is to help anyone buying tools to make the best decisions. I’m not just talking about newbies, even old dogs who’ve been around the block a few times, like I have.

It’s not just about buying the best tools. How we use them is equally important. In my opinion, buying a quality power tool is a lifelong investment, and this must be cherished. Beyond offering advice on how to make the most of your money when buying new tools, I also wish to share more important long term knowledge. This is all about using your tools correctly and safely. It’s also about maintaining and repairing your tools. Perhaps also provide useful tips on DIY projects and how to go about them.

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All the best.

Joel Pence

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