ARCAN A20001 3 Ton Hybrid Jack Review

Do you ever work on cars? If so, then you know the importance of the right floor jack. Arcan is one of the great manufacturing companies that make the perfect floor jacks with reliable dimensions and durable material.

Similarly, the 3-ton hybrid heavy-duty jack is best with the power to lift cards without any damaging issues. It has a high-quality aluminum material that makes it durable and less prone to damages. Aluminum is a rust-free material that gives excellent longevity to materials. Moreover, the aluminum frame enables the floor jack to deal with the extensive pressure. It is light in weight that making it easy to carry around. But it is a fact that the Arcan floor jack is expensive due to the high worth of aluminum material.

If you provide services at remote places, then the Arcan floor jack is ideal due to its lightweight. You can quickly take it to different locations and take it back to your service studio. In addition, it has a two-piece handle that makes it comfortable to use. The double handles give the perfect structure to handle and use it for lifting the cars.

Now the most incredible part of the Arcan floor jack is its lifting power. You may think that it has a lightweight frame, so it will not lift heavyweights. However, this model of Arcan floor jack can significantly lift 3 tons of weight. It has a dual piston pump that lifts the 3 tons with only 12 pumps. The raising capacity is between 4 to 18.5 inches.

So with all these features, the Arcan floor jack is best for a variety of vehicles. It can lift the high to low-profile cars effectively and make your work easy.

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Usage of the ARCAN PROFESSIONAL TOOLS 3 Ton Hybrid Heavy Duty Aluminum and Steel Low Profile Floor Jack

You can use the aircon 3 tons floor jack to lift the vehicles during the repair and services. It is an essential tool for car service providers.


  • High-quality aluminum material
  • Durable
  • Light in weight
  • Steel handles
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant
  • Carry 3 tons weight
  • Suitable for a variety of vehicles


  • Expensive for the users


So the aircon 3 tons floor jack is a robust and reliable product for vehicle service providers. One of the great qualities is its aluminum material, making it durable, lightweight, and easy to transport. Moreover, the steel handles play a significant part in their transportability. You can lift 3 inches minimum by using this Arcan floor jack.

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Are Arcan floor jacks any good?

Arcan floor jack is worth your money as it is durable, portable, and powerful. You can lift the car of any model with the Arcan floor jack quickly. It has a robust material that doesn’t get rusted after some time. Moreover, it is light enough to carry at different workplaces.

What is a hybrid car jack?

A hybrid car jack from the MotoMaster manufacturers consists of steel and requires a dual pump to lift the vehicles. However, it is also a great jack that can raise the car with a few strokes. Moreover, it has steel handles and an aluminum frame for quick handling and durable nature.

Are our aluminum floor jacks worth it?

Aluminum is one of the reliable, long-lasting, and ideal materials for floor jacks. It is expensive but gives perfect worth to your money. With aluminum material’s lightweight nature, you can quickly roll it around the garage and fix it under the car.

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