Are Kobalt Power Tools Good?

Being a woodworker or DIY project enthusiast, you may already know various power tools. In fact, you may always be looking for different brands or types that will help upgrade your arsenal of power tools. Anything that will help you make your job efficient.

That’s why lots of brands manufacture different types of power tools for different skill levels and needs. Among the names that’s starting to make a mark in the industry is Kobalt. But are Kobalt power tools good?

Let’s get to know more about the Kobalt brand and its tools to find out if they’re a worthy investment for you.

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    The Kobalt Brand’s History

    Kobalt is just fairly new in the market, having been established in 1988 by Lowes and J.H. Williams. The brand was initially created to give Lowes a competitive advantage over Husky and Craftsman, which were offered by its two main rivals, Home Depot and Sears.

    At first, they only manufactured mechanic equipment but soon expanded swiftly in creating storage solutions, lithium-ion power tools, and many more cutting-edge products.Plus, they were solely sold over Lowes.

    After a few years, they expanded to many other stores because of their popularity and price, including Walmart and Tractor Supply Co.

    In 2003, the Danaher Corporation began manufacturing its hand tools. It outsourced the production of its goods to many different firms in 2011, with JS Products taking over the production of its hand tools and Great Neck handling the screwdriver production.

    Kobalt also hired Chevron and became their manufacturing partner to produce their cordless power tools after developing them. In 2020, Rexon Industrial Corp. acquired its miter saws which resulted in them being the greatest power tool manufacturer that serves a wide range of customers.

    Today, the company is respectable, with about $490 and a $600 million annual income. Most of the goods that Kobalt makes and sells today are produced by the Danaher Corporation, and Kobalt’s current headquarters are in North Carolina, USA.

    The Different Tools Kobalt Offers

    Since Kobalt has a long history of producing mechanical tools that are both inexpensive and cutting-edge, they have grown to encompass storage systems, attachments, and lithium-ion power tools over time.

    They now offer a wide range of products that will suit every customer’s needs.

    The five main categories making up Kobalt’s core business are power tools, mechanic’s tools, hand tools, storage equipment, and a few outdoor equipment.

    Power Tools

    One of the well-recognized products of Kobalt is lithium-ion power tools. They offer other products, including LED lights, circular saws, and impact drills. They can be purchased alone or in sets, the latter being the more common choice.

    Additionally, Kobalt has added a brushless motor to its lineup of power tools. They also have battery packs where you can choose from 24V battery packs and 20-volt batteries, to name a few.

    So, whether you choose separate tools or a set, you may find products for the DIY homeowner and experts alike. Long-lasting 24-volt batteries are used in many of the items. Additionally, they have created a line of landscaping equipment, including hedge trimmers and weed eaters.

    Their equipment is perfect for smaller, everyday construction and repair projects. They are useful, simple to use, and user-friendly for beginners.

    Hence, they’re the best choice when you are just beginning to stock up on your toolkit.

    Mechanic Tools 

    Ratchet sets are one of Kobalt’s best-selling product lines. Although individual drivers, sockets, and others are available for purchase, their all-inclusive combo kits have grown to be the most popular.

    They have elevated the bar by creating kits with cutting-edge features like SAE and metric socket kits, laser-etched intervals, and user-friendly color-coded systems.

    In addition to ratchet sets, Kobalt provides a wide range of other dependable and reasonably priced portable equipment, which receives great appreciation from most consumers.

    Hand Tools

    Hand tools are one of the most well-known Kobalt tool categories. A range of mechanic tool sets, including wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers, and other common household equipment are some of their most popular choices.

    For instance, their impact driver is one of their cordless tools that receive favorable user reviews. It has a variable speed trigger which is a three-speed power mode that can be used in different types of materials. It is versatile and can go through deck boards, sheet metal, fence boards, and drywall.

    Kobalt has more hand tool options available than all other manufacturers combined.

    Storage Units

    Kobalt is a popular choice among customers for storage containers. They provide various solutions, ranging from basic hooks to substantial free-standing tool cabinets and tool boxes, that can help customers organize their garages or workshop.

    The larger boxes are nicely constructed with steel, powder-coated finishes, locking mechanisms, and other safety features to protect your tools. Although they come in a variety of sizes, all of them have practical places for all your power and hand-held tools.

    Although they don’t make as many as they could, Kobalt does make a respectable selection of air tools. They are generally recognized as being of average quality, including various air compressors. They also have air grinders, impact wrenches, just to name a few.

    Outdoor Power Equipment

    Their outdoor tools, such as leaf blowers, lawnmowers, string trimmers, and chainsaws, are average when it comes to performance. It is great to know that they are battery-operated and environmentally friendly.

    They also mostly come in cordless options, which are great when you have a small yard. But when it comes to larger yards, it may not be the best choice.

    Since most of their outdoor tools are battery-operated, they can run out of power before you are finished with your task. Moreso, they can be a lot more pricey than other brands.

    are kobalt power tools good

    Overall Kobalt Product Quality

    These tools and other Kobalt equipment are considered to be of average to above-average quality, especially compared to some of the top tool sellers and brands in the world.

    To answer, “Are Kobalt power tools good?”, here’s a detailed look at their quality based on several factors:


    In the larger scheme of things, Kobalt may not be a very well-known name, but they do seem to make some decent products. Kobalt tools can be categorized as okay or very good, but most people would agree that they are neither great nor particularly special.

    Are Kobalt Power Tools GoodKobalt tools perform adequately for basic construction and maintenance tasks. They often have reasonable battery life and decent internal components and are adaptable, comfortable to handle, and easy to use.


    Kobalt’s hand tools are considered the best among other brands because there are only a few moving parts that lessen the probability of malfunction. However, given their general durability, it is still being determined whether they will last for many years in the long run.

    While Kobalt tools often work well in mild conditions, they can begin to wear out quite fast if they are subjected to harsh demands, daily high-duty work, or unfavorable conditions like excessive heat and cold.

    Kobalt tools are, therefore, typically marketed to homeowners, part-time contractors, novice repairers, hobbyists, and DIYers for general household jobs and basic building. Also, Kobalt tools are typically not sturdy enough for anything heavy-duty.

    Thus, it is unlikely that you will see many large contracting or building organizations utilizing them. However, keep in mind that it will greatly help if you know how to maintain these tools so you can use them for a long time.


    One of the best things about Kobalt is that they offer diverse warranties, depending on the product you have purchased. For instance, you can get satisfaction guarantees, and some tools provide lifetime hassle-free warranties.

    Depending on the specific product you’ve purchased, they also have a 3-year limited warranty or 5-year limited warranty. Just remember to ask about the specifics that come with it before purchasing.


    The manufacturing process is mostly done in China. But people find that they are some of the best alternatives when it comes to power tool brands, even though they are made overseas.

    However, not all of the tools are made in China. The hand and mechanic tools are mostly from the USA, which is why they are high-quality and durable. Most of them have great product reviews and are one of Kobalt’s most popular products.

    Why and Why Not Choose Kobalt and Its Products?

    Just like any other brand, Kobalt has its own advantages and disadvantages. This information will help you determine whether it fits your needs, purpose, and, more importantly, your budget.


    • Their tools have decent quality.
    • They provide more affordable items.
    • Very user-friendly tools
    • They provide a wide range of products.
    • They have great warranty policies.
    • Their tools are made of comfortable materials for easy handling.
    • They offer great designs for their products.


    • They are not suited to be used in small spaces.
    • They lack durability.
    • Not easily accessible
    • Their popular toolbox product can be easily damaged.

    Are Kobalt Power Tools Good: The Verdict

    Kobalt is a value brand with a lot of potential because they produce tools of respectable quality and sell them at affordable prices. However, most of their tools are unsuitable for building sites.

    Overall, Kobalt tools are a good option, particularly their hand tools, which are created in America. They are simple to locate, and there is a sufficient variety, so you can usually find what you require well within your budget.

    Despite not being as powerful as other power tool brands like DeWalt or Makita, their power tools have a loyal customer base. They are generally adequate for accomplishing most do-it-yourself home repair projects and everyday building jobs.

    Thus, they’re useful for any average homeowner. Although some higher-end options could be better suited for more complicated repairs which can last for years if kept in ideal circumstances.

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