AVID 18pcs Power Tools and Driving Socket Set

The AVID power tools set is all that you need for your driving socket needs. We all know that AVID is one of the leading power tools companies that always develop great products. But it is a fact that every good thing has some drawbacks. So here we came up with a reliable review regarding the AVID 18pcs power tools set that will help you know it in a better way.

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First of all, it has a 6-point design that gives significant contact to the surface of the fastener. When it provides the perfect connection, then it helps to lock the nut more firmly. One of the critical issues that many of us face is the breakage or damage of nuts. But the AVID power tool is best because it protects the nuts from injuries.

If we talk about the items that come in the set, then it has the 18pcs. The 15 pieces are in metric sizes ranging from 10 to 24mm. The remaining three are in the 3, 5, and 10 inches. Moreover, it comes with a storage box with a separate slot for every piece. So you can find your required size quickly while fixing the materials. It also has identification marks with printed text that make your work easier.

The Avid power set is of high quality with a black phosphate finish. The finishing material makes the tools corrosion-resistant and rust-free for greater use. The material of the devices is chrome vanadium steel that is high in demand and perfect for dealing with wear and tear.

Usage of the AVID POWER 18pcs 1/2-inch Drive Impact Socket Set

The AVID power tool provides excellent benefits and usage. You can use it for a variety of purposes like drilling wood, steel, and many more. It is also great for keeping it in the car as a driving toolset. Moreover, it is ideal for the hardware studios and their relevant stores.


  • Corrosion resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Phosphate black finish
  • 18 pieces with different sizes
  • Customized storage box
  • High-quality vanadium steel material


  • The handle is too short for large or medium hands


So it is a great power tool according to your needs and provides the best working experience. The best part is its Corrosion-resistant material and organized box for quick identification of screw size.

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Are Avid tools any good?

Yes, Avid tools are better than many expensive pro tools. You can use it for your edition studio, hardware stores, support network, and many more. It is perfect for dealing with the heavy workload and doesn’t give your money any worth.

Where are Avid tools made?

All the Avid tools were invented and engineered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They also have contact with some overseas manufacturers for their product betterment and identification. However, the production, warehouses, sales, administrative and marketing offices are in Minneapolis.

How do you lock a screw in a power drill?

It is easy to lock the screws in a power drill. First, install the screen and tighten the drill with your hands until it clicks several times. Ensure that you rotate the drill several times in a backward direction till the first click. However, the last click ensures the perfect drill or lock of the screw.

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