Best Battery Powered Circular Saw

Cordless tools have come a long way since the early days of lithium-ion batteries.

Back then, even the best battery powered circular saw struggled to provide adequate power. As such, making precise and clean cuts was almost impossible.

Today, however, they can now exceed the performance of 15-amp corded models.

Regardless if you’re a beginner or an experienced woodworker, the right model can help make your projects go more smoothly.

Besides, this equipment is not limited only to professional use but is also useful for homeowners who spend plenty of time on DIY.

To help you make the right choice, we tried and tested several units to find the one that suits your needs.

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    Best Battery Powered Circular Saw Reviews

    1. GALAX PRO 97630 20V 4-1/2″

    The GALAX PRO 97630 has a powerful 20V motor that boasts a no-load speed of up to 3,400 RPM. With this, you can effortlessly cut wood, plastic, drywall, tile, soft metal, and more. 

    It comes with two 4.5-inch blades: a 60-teeth metal saw blade and a 24-teeth wood saw blade. You can easily switch between the two blades using a regular Allen wrench.

    As with any good circular saw, the GALAX PRO 97630 has adjustable cutting angles. Plus, with the unit’s angle guide and quick adjustments, you won’t have a hard time achieving versatility in your cuts.

    The laser guide allows for more accurate parallel cuts. It helps provide a professional and precise cutting line using a beam to guide you through.

    For better control, the soft grip handle allows you to work with minimal vibrations. Then, there’s also the double protection switch, ensuring the machine does not open during a cut. 

    Another convenient feature is the adapter that lets you connect the machine to a vacuum to suck up sawdust during cutting.


    • Easy to use
    • Comfortable to handle
    • Good performance


    • Not durable
    • Incapable of deep cuts

    2. BLACK+DECKER BDCCS20B 20V MAX 5-1/2”

    Like the GALAX PRO 97630, the BLACK+DECKER BDCCS20B runs on a high-torque 20V motor designed for increased performance.

    It powers the unit’s 5.5-inch fast-cutting blade, which you can use for all kinds of DIY projects at home or professionally.

    Even with that much power, this battery-powered circular saw remains compact and easy to operate.

    That said, the best thing about the BLACK+DECKER BDCCS20B is how easy it is to use.

    Both the depth adjustment and blade change don’t require the use of tools, so you can go about your tasks quickly and smoothly.

    For angled cuts, you can set the blade at 45 or 90 degrees.

    It is worth noting that this particular unit does not come with a battery yet. However, you’d be glad to know that it is compatible with the entire BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX system.

    So, if you already own one, you don’t have to buy a separate battery to start using this machine.


    • Impressive motor with high torque
    • Compact design
    • Easy to use, even for beginners
    • Tool-free depth and blade change
    • Multi-purpose


    • Not easy to put together
    • No battery yet

    3. Ryobi P507 One+ 18V 6-1/2”

    Ryobi is known and well-respected worldwide for its tools. And since you’re looking for a reliable cordless circular saw, check out the Ryobi P507.

    While it only has an 18V motor, it can reach an impressive speed of 4,700 RPM.

    Paired with the 6.5-inch, 24-teeth, carbide-tipped saw blade, you can get a lot of work done and do them beautifully.

    Basically, it boasts the power of wired circular saws but has the mobility and comfort you can expect from cordless units.

    You can also easily switch the stock blade with something more fitting to your cutting style.

    While in use, you will find that the onboard guiding base lets you maintain complete control over every cut by allowing you to use both hands on the tool.

    In addition, the handle has a rubber over-mold to ensure not only a firm and secure but also a comfortable grip.

    The Ryobi P507 also boasts a tough ABS plastic build, so it remains sturdy and lightweight at the same time. In turn, this gives you complete control when cutting through different kinds of wood.

    Note that the package includes only the tool itself. However, you can pair the Ryobi P507 with any ONE+ 18V battery.


    • On-board guiding base
    • Ryobi ONE+ compatibility
    • Good quality
    • Long-lasting build


    • The battery is sold separately
    • Blade is on the opposite side of the motor

    4. AIOPR 97623 20V 5-1/2”

    The AIOPR 97623 comes complete with a reliable battery, two blades, a fast charger, an Allen wrench, and a rip guide.

    You won’t have to worry about stopping your work midway because of the 2.0Ah lithium-ion battery’s extended runtime.

    If it does get drained, there won’t be much delay because it will fully charge in just one hour. You can track the remaining power via the battery indicator.

    Newbie or not, you will find that the AIOPR 97623 is very easy to use.

    For one, it has an angled handle that makes it almost effortless to push forward when cutting. There’s also a plastic upper guard and a base plate you can see through to ensure safety.

    Another safety feature is the lock-off button, which prevents the machine from turning on accidentally.

    The package includes two blades: one with 48 teeth and another with 18 teeth. You can use them to cut wood, PVC pipe, and other materials.

    Depending on what you want to achieve, you can adjust the cutting angle using the bevel lever up to 45 degrees.


    • Lightweight build
    • Easy to maneuver and adjust
    • Can make precise cuts
    • Good value for money


    • Only for light-duty work
    • Hard to remove the blade

    5. SKIL CR540602 20V 6-1/2”

    For many woodworkers, the SKIL CR540602 is the go-to cordless circular saw because of its impressive battery power and extended run time.

    With this on hand, you can make quick, precise, and effective cuts through all kinds of wood.

    From refurbishing old furniture to building a new deck, this circular saw is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

    The 20V motor runs on a patented 2.0Ah PWRCore 20 lithium battery to keep it fueled up and ready to take on anything.

    This battery also has a temperature management system, allowing it to stay cool even during long hours of use.

    Plus, the charger it comes with provides amazingly quick charges. Even if you run out of juice in the middle of a task, you can get back on track quickly.

    Another thing to like about the SKIL CR540602 is its ergonomic build. The easy-to-grip handlebar lets you work on all kinds of DIY wood projects without feeling fatigued.

    Making precise straight cuts is not a problem, too, thanks to the saw line visor. You can also effortlessly make angled cuts using the tool’s quick bevel adjustments from zero to 50 degrees.


    • Long battery life
    • Easily cuts through wood
    • Fast and clean cuts
    • Quick bevel adjustments
    • Comes with a limited five-year warranty


    • Not as durable as other models
    • Laser is not visible in direct sunlight

    Buyer’s Guide

    Whether you’re a professional artisan or a DIY enthusiast, you only want the best tools in your workshop.

    And you can take on any kind of woodworking project with a battery-powered circular saw.

    To ensure you get the best, you must know what factors to consider and features to look for based on your type of work.

    1. Battery

    Conveniently, most cordless power tools from the same manufacturer use interchangeable and rechargeable 18V to 20V lithium-ion battery packs.

    Deciding on the battery life of this power source depends on how much work you need to do on your project.

    When it comes to choosing batteries, it is also ideal to know their charging time and pick the type with a quick charge option.

    Regular batteries need at least four hours to charge and 90 minutes for quick charging.

    2. Circular Saw Blade

    Circular saw blade sizes average between 6.25 and 12 inches, but the most popular is 7.25 inches. This size can cut up to 2.5 inches deep at 90 degrees.

    Also, the number of teeth on the blade can impact its accuracy and how well it cuts through various materials.

    Each user has their preference regarding blade placement, which depends on what feels fitting and more comfortable. Ensure you get the right blade setting.

    3. Cutting Power or RPM

    Over the years, manufacturers have developed various battery technologies, providing cordless circular saws with more power.

    A circular saw’s average blade speed or revolutions per minute (RPM) is 2,700 to 5,000.

    The higher the RPM, the better its cutting power. However, it’s worth noting that cordless circular saws with increased RPM are more expensive.

    4. Dust Collection Port

    Cordless circular saws offer different ways to reduce sawdust.

    Some use blowers to prevent build-up along the cutline; others have vacuum ports, allowing you to attach a hose or dust bags and containers.

    5. Motor

    There are two types of motors used for various tools.

    Brushed motors generate more friction, losing more energy. These motors have components that wear out quickly, requiring constant replacements.

    Alternatively, brushless motors run cooler and produce lesser friction. This prevents overheating that can damage the device and its engine.

    Since they cause less heat, it allows them to perform better with longer runtime and overall lifespan.

    6. Overall Ergonomics

    The comfortability of a cordless circular saw’s handle depends on the user. Some designs have them in front, while others place them at the back.

    Look for a handle with no-slip patterns that can also cushion vibrations while sawing.

    In addition to the handle position, the trigger location is crucial to the user’s overall control of the tool.

    A user’s hand must be in a natural position, and the trigger must be within the finger’s reach for easy operation without feeling awkward.

    Also, the blade’s placement must not obstruct the user’s sightline visuals, while prominent markings are a guide for better control.

    7. Voltage

    You will notice different voltage ratings on numerous cordless circular saws, which generally mean two things.

    It indicates its battery pack size and will tell you how much power it can give your circular saw. A higher voltage means a more powerful tool performance.

    Also, higher voltages allow you to use saw blades with a larger diameter and cut through hardwood efficiently.

    8. Weight

    Weight is another vital factor in a cordless circular saw, making it more convenient to maneuver or carry from one place to another. 

    Remember, when completing a project, you must hold the saw for more prolonged periods, thus the need for a lighter and more portable tool.

    Double-check the indicated weight information if it includes the weight of the battery or just the device.

    Battery-Powered Circular Saw FAQs

    1. Can you use a cordless circular saw on different materials?

    A cordless circular saw is an effective cutting tool for different materials. Fitting it with the right blade allows you to cut framing lumber, metal, roofing, sheet goods, and many more.

    2. Is it okay to use the device without a table?

    Yes, you can use the device without a table, but it is less safe than having one. Also, cutting an unsecured material will result in an improperly cut workpiece.

    3. Do you need to oil a cordless circular saw?

    Most circular saws need occasional oiling to keep them in good working condition. However, it is vital that you only use a special gear oil created for these tools.

    Putting the wrong oil into your circular saw may cause malfunction or, worst, damage the motor and leave the device unusable.

    4. What are the different ways to use a circular saw?

    As a popular woodworking tool, you can use a circular saw in many ways. Here are a few examples:

    • Cross-Cutting

    With the cross-cutting technique, you maintain the high grain quality of the wood as you cut in its direction.

    Using a circular saw makes it easier to shorten the length of boards and long timber.

    • Cutting Bevels

    A bevel is a horizontal or vertical slope used to fix separate blocks. Although it won’t be a perfect slope, a circular saw can cut a 45-degree angle.

    You can use a table saw to create a precise slope.

    • Cutting Down Metals

    A cold saw is a circular variation for cutting metals such as brass, bronze, and steel. It provides precise cuts from its adequately-sized serrated blade.

    • Cutting Large-Sized Timbers

    For this task, people from the sawmill use a more powerful circular saw, measuring around three meters to accommodate wood on the larger side.

    • Cutting Long Plywood

    You will need boards and plywood for most of your woodwork projects, like desks, shelves, spice racks, and more.

    Most power saw experts recommend using a circular saw to make your job easier.

    • Getting Straight Edges

    Usually, circular saws can cut different angles of boards, lumber, or metals. That said, if you want a straight edge or a 90-degree cut, use a blade with more teeth.

    • Slicing Logs into Firewood

    There is a mini circular saw model perfect for cutting firewood.

    Previously, firewood manufacturers created logs using chainsaws. However, chainsaws are more powerful, causing damage to the logs.

    Which Circular Saw Tops the List?

    There are several things to consider when looking for the best battery powered circular saw.

    Before anything else, you first want to gain knowledge of the type of work you will be putting your saw through.

    Secondly, you will need to understand the importance of each of the features of the saw.

    Our review features circular saws based on the balance between their performance and value.

    Of the five, we find the GALAX PRO 97630 the best pick because of its ease of use, comfortable and secure grip, and overall performance.

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