Best Bench Grinder Made in USA 

Bench grinders are used in various ways to smooth out metals and maybe even make them a little smoother before metals are molded or made into other forms. These bench grinders have wire brushes at each end of the grinder, and they move at high speed and smooth out the materials or tools put in front of them. Here abrasive rating wheels also have a resting plate put out beside them, making it easier for the person to put the tool at the side and smooth them as one would see in certain places. 

Outlined below are a few of the best bench grinders made in USA. 

Jet store bench grinder

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This is a professional grinder, and it is certainly very compact in comparison to other grinders. This does certainly does not mean the grinder lacks any performance of dies or quicker than bigger grinders. But, this means this grinder can do a lot more in a shorter space accommodation. The shorter space accommodation helps save more space and does not let the user spend precious workspace on the material that may not play a bigger role than simply being a part of the process. 

This grinder is in no way less in power or nowhere does it lack in providing the right amount of power to its user. Both ends are protected with a great eye shield which allows the user to be extra protected while performing smoothing processes with these grinders. 

These are not only good for smoothing metals out but are great for buffing, sharpening, cleaning rust off of old metal, and removing rust. With a grit option of both 36 and 60 grit, this allows you the versatility to choose what fits your description of a smoother clean than the others. 

To make sure a person is safe while using this grinder, they follow strict safety rules with the eye protectant that comes with the grinder. The entire thing is closed and has a lubricated ball bearing to ensure that it runs smoothly and does not stop working mid usage. It is also backed up with a warranty of 2 years to ensure that the user does not have to hassle a lot after buying it. 


  • Very safe to use. 
  • It is lightweight. 
  • Comes with and instruction manual as well. 


  • There have been complaints of too much vibration while using. 

Rikon power tools 

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Vibration is always a problem when it comes to grinders since the main point of grinding is to grate the wheels on the machine on a piece of metal or anything that needs sharpening, which makes it move and may even result in making the sharpening a little wonky. But in this case, you won’t have to worry. This has a metal cast iron base that includes a rubber foot that is supposed to reduce the vibration to a minimum. 

Migration elimination helps in a smoother and defined sharpening. The wheels on this grinder are also much, much finer than usual and have a 60 grit and 120 grit which can be used to sharpen material when needed finely. Since this does not have the usual wire grinder and has a diamond wheel sharpener which makes this perfect for all sorts of workshops, carpenters, carvers, and anything that may need such a grinder. 

This is also a lot smaller in size and does not take a whole counter to operate and give a great outcome. This is what makes it a preferable product and certainly fulfils the fact of being one of the best bench grinders made in the USA. 

The grinder is a slow speed bench grinder and is the 8” slow speed bench grinder which a powerful motor that works at 1750 RPM and has been chosen to work great with sharpening since this does reduce heat build-up. The shield is also attached to protect the eyes and can be adjusted according to the needs of the user. 


  • Slow speed grinder which does not vibrate. 
  • Iron cast makes it much easier to control. 
  • Not very heavy. 


  • Delivery may cause some damage to the products. 

DEWALT Store bench grinder

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This is the smallest and the cheapest of the group and is great for grinding and removing rust from smaller materials. His grinder is a very cute size and does not always require a lot of pressure for its to works. This is small, but the power in this grinder is much greater for its size. The grinder works on a good 3,450 RPM and is a 6” grinder that can perform great grinding. 

The price tag on this grinder is certainly justified since this is small, compact, and is always ready to work. This has a good grot system and can be used to smooth out or sharpen larger products, but it may require a little more time than other grinders. 

To ensure that the grinder has a longer life, this has a cast iron base that supports this need to ensure that the grinder stays for longer and works much better in multiple aspects. 

This grinder is also supported by general 3-year insurance, making it easier for the user to keep the product maintained. This also comes with a 1-year warranty which allows the user to get damaged parts easily replaced.


  • Great insurance policy 
  • Easy to use. 
  • Affordable 


  • A little low on power.


These are a few of the best bench grinders made in the USA, and they certainly deliver for their prices. Some of them may be a little bit of a downgrade from the others, but they certainly do get the job done. Each of them comes at a good price and is backed up by a warranty to ensure it all does not go in vain. They’re easy to use and are sure to impress. 

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