Best hand planers for beginners

If your a newbie to wood working, then I’m sure it can get a little overwhelming when you start thinking about what tools you’re going to need to start your journey. Saws, Electric Sanders, Chisels, Jointers, Jigsaws and planers are all tools you will need to acquire in order to complete most of your wood working projects.

One tool you will certainly need and will become one of the most important tools in your possession is the humble old manual planer. There are actually a wide range of manual planners in this day and age and all have a specific uses and purposes. But to not overwhelm anyone and get into every single planer I think its best just to start of with your basic hand planers.

Mastering how to use the basic planers will give you much needed experience you will need to become a good wood worker. Let’s face it, it’s all about the end result in woodworking so choosing the right planers to get started with is one off if not the most important steps.

So today we want to give you our advice on what we think to be the very best planers for beginners.

Block planers

This is where we think all beginners should start as block planers are just a pretty basic tool and will give you a feel of how a manual hand planer works. The more you use your block planes the better you will get when it comes to using different types of planers in the future, so it is a really good place start.

What can block planes be used for?

Well there are a number of specific tasks it can be used for and to honest we think you’ll be reaching for your new block planer every time you walk into your work shop. But to give you some ideas of when and what it can be used for, take some of these for examples

  • Fit doors
  • Round sharp edges
  • Bevel an edge
  • Erase mill marks

What Block planes do we recommend?

Block planes here!!

Jack planers

Shoulder plane





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