5 Best Jigsaws Under $50

Jigsaws are exceptionally designed power tools for cutting bends.

Yet, they can likewise be utilized to slice wood to length and make openings and shapes in mediums like compressed wood and plastic.

With this versatility, you’ll expect they come with a high price tag. After all, they’re power tools.

Fortunately, you’ll find more affordable options. However, you have to be careful when picking one because most won’t last long or get the job done properly.

That said, you need to consider many things when you’re in the market for best jigsaw under 50 dollars.

One is that you should be well-informed about the types of jigsaws you may find, especially since there are several categories to choose from.

You also need to be sure of the kind of work you’ll be using it for.

Thus, we’ve picked five of the best models that’ll give you great overall performance in most areas without you needing to cash out hundreds of dollars.

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    Best Jigsaw Under 50: A Review

    1. BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C 5.0-Amp Jig Saw

    BLACK+DECKER is probably one of the brands most of us have already heard of because of the many products they produce for home and DIY needs.

    From cleaning tools, kitchen appliances, and outdoor items to home and lifestyle materials to home improvement equipment, this brand’s black and orange signature has made a mark.

    Being around for decades, you’re assured BLACK+DECKER only designs and manufactures the best of the best in the industry.

    This specific corded jigsaw is one of their most affordable offerings that’s also easy to use, even for beginners.


    One feature that makes this BLACK+DECKER jigsaw stand out among its competitors is the Curve Control technology.

    It gives you maximum control when doing rounded or curved cuts, even the most tricky ones. 

    With it, you can easily choose among the four different orbit settings to pick one that will work best for your cutting needs.

    The tool also comes with an adjustable shoe, allowing you to make 45-degree angled cuts with ease.

    Not only that but the tool’s 5-amp motor or engine also gives you a maximum cutting power of 3,000 SPM.

    Thus, you can easily and quickly cut different materials, including wood, plastic, and metal.

    BLACK+DECKER also equipped this jigsaw with a three-fourth-inch blade orbital to help its users achieve precision when cutting materials.

    They also included a wire guard to clear your line of sight while cutting, ensuring accuracy.

    With a dimension of 11.75 x 4.38 x 9.25 inches, you’ll be surprised that it also has an inbuilt blower to further keep your line of sight clear from any distractions.

    When using this tool, hand fatigue isn’t something you need to worry about unless you’ve been working all day.

    It weighs around 4.6 pounds, and the handle has rubber for a non-slip grip.

    Another great feature we love about this BLACK+DECKER jigsaw is how easily, quickly, and safely you can change blades.

    Thanks to the machine’s keyless clamp, you won’t need any extra tools. Plus, the power tool accommodates both T and U shank blades.

    With great confidence in the product they produce and desire to provide their customers with the best service, this jigsaw comes with a two-year limited warranty.


    • Stable
    • Compact
    • Lightweight
    • Comfortable to use
    • Easy to use and control
    • Risk-free purchase


    • Not designed for larger projects

    2. SKIL 4495-02 Orbital Jigsaw

    SKIL Power Tools is a company that’s also been around in the power tool industry for several years and is a subsidiary of Chervon.

    Like BLACK+DECKER, its products also have a standard color combination, red and black, which also made a mark.

    Aptly named the brand also ensures that even those who are not exceptionally skillful in DIY projects can still conduct various construction tasks.

    Not only do they offer power tools, but also accessories to ensure you can replace worn and torn parts and upgrade your tool as and when needed.

    It guarantees that every penny you pay for its products is worth it, whether it’s less than $50 or hundreds of dollars.

    That said, the SKIL 4495-02 allows you to make intricate cuts with ease. That’s thanks to its sturdy construction, ergonomic design, and very powerful engine.


    Basically, SKIL is all the skills you will need. Its main power source is AC/DC, allowing you to use four orbital setting positions.

    It has a stroke length of 0.75 inches and a motor strength of six amps, which provides a maximum of 3,200 SPM.

    With this caliber of stroke rate, you can efficiently and effortlessly cut through any kind of material. It’s one of the most high-powered engines we’ve seen on a jigsaw that’s under $50.

    Aside from the powerful engine, you’d also love how easy it is to adjust and calibrate this tool.

    For instance, you can set the speed you like using a lever near the blade, which significantly expands the range of materials you can work on with this tool.

    The ergonomic handle also houses the trigger underneath, but its ergonomic qualities don’t stop there.

    If you’re working at a certain angle, you can adjust the bevel of the blade up to 45 degrees.

    This allows you to make more precise and efficient cuts with the jigsaw.

    Lastly, and perhaps what we really love about this product, is that it includes a built-in laser guide.

    This feature significantly enhances your cut-line visibility while working on a specific material.

    As a result, you get some of the most accurate cuts with this jigsaw.

    Overall, the powerful motor, high maximum stroke rate, speed, and bevel adjustment settings make this jigsaw one of the most cost-efficient tools you can have at home.

    The best part is that it’s very much affordable, and even novice DIYers can maximize it.


    • Powerful engine
    • High stroke rate
    • Speed and bevel adjustment
    • Built-in laser guide


    • High-power engine can cause the jigsaw to drift while cutting

    3. Ryobi ZRJS481LG Orbital Jigsaw

    Ryobi is yet another brand that has been around for several years and you can easily recognize it, thanks to its signature yellow and black color.

    Like BLACK+DECKER, it isn’t exclusively designing and producing power tools and accessories.

    It also has a good line of lifestyle and recreation, lighting, storage, and cleaning products, as well as e-tools and outdoor equipment.

    The Ryobi ZRJS481LG Orbital Jigsaw is one of their most popular power tools for those who are on a very tight budget.

    Economical and efficient. That’s how we describe this orbital jigsaw from Ryobi.


    One of the first things we loved about the Ryobi ZRJS481LG Orbital Jigsaw is its engine.

    Its 4.8-amp motor, combined with an SPM of 0 to 2,600, it’s strong enough to cut not just through wood but also through steel and aluminum.

    Its power source is similar to the jigsaws we’ve mentioned previously, which is AC/DC.

    With this Ryobi tool, you also have four orbital setting positions to choose from.

    You can also adjust the bevel to an angle of up to 45 degrees. 

    This jigsaw also features a D-shaped handle, making it more comfortable to use.

    The handle is also covered with a rubber coating, allowing you to grip it tightly, which reduces the risk of accidentally slipping from your hand while in use.

    Furthermore, it reduces the strain on your hands.

    To further enhanced its ease of use without compromising safety, the trigger is conveniently placed under the handle.

    Behind the blade, right within the jigsaw’s base, is an embedded high-intensity LED light.

    You can turn this on and off through a button near the handle.

    The LED light allows you to use the jigsaw even in poor lighting conditions.

    It also illuminates the area where you’re cutting, allowing you to work more accurately.

    With how lightweight it is, this jigsaw is relatively easy to carry and drive across the material to make clean cuts.

    Its ergonomics combined with a weight of only 4.8 pounds, this jigsaw is one of your best options for portability.

    The low weight and easy grip allow you to work for hours without suffering from fatigue or hand strain.


    • Good grip design
    • Orbital and speed adjustment
    • Safe and comfortable to use
    • Includes an LED light
    • Lightweight


    • Plastic frame
    • No dust collector or blower

    4. TECCPO TAJS01P Jigsaw

    A brand that isn’t as popular as the last three household names in the power tool industry, TECCPO is a young company based in China.

    They offer several beneficial products, from woodworking, lawn, and garden equipment to hand and power tools.

    While still new in the industry, they have a team of engineers and research and development experts who come with innovative and well-designed products.

    So if you’re looking for something powerful but also easy on the pocket, look no further. The TECCPO TAJS01P Jigsaw is all you need.


    This jigsaw runs on AC/DC and includes a four-position orbital setting and a sweep-up pipe adapter.

    It also packs an outstanding 12.5-amp of motor strength, making it arguably the strongest jigsaw you could buy for this price range.

    With this monster of an engine, it’s not surprising to find that this jigsaw has a stroke rate of 0 to 3,000 SPM.

    You can effortlessly cut through the plywood and all sorts of materials, even sturdy metals.

    Its powerful motor is the best reason to include this jigsaw in your arsenal.

    You also can’t just ignore the flawless cutting range of the TECCPO TAJS01P.

    At a 90-degree angle, it offers up to 2.5 inches of cutting depth and a 1.8-inch cut depth at a 45-degree angle.

    Nonetheless, it allows you to adjust the bevel anywhere between 0 to 45 degrees for more complicated cuts.

    Every jigsaw worth its salt should have a laser guide, and TECCPO sure did include one in this monster.

    This feature allows you to guide the tool carefully to make precise cuts while working.

    Additionally, one of the many things people hate about cutting with jigsaws is the amount of dust that builds up in the workplace.

    Thankfully, the TECCPO TAJS01P features a dust blower because, at the end of the day, what’s the point of having a laser guide if you can’t see the lines through all the dust?

    The dust blower helps keep the surface of the material clean.

    One thing you should always look for in anything you buy is the inclusions in the package.

    Of course, the efficiency of the main tool is important, but how much does the manufacturer really care about your overall experience?

    TECCPO provides you with that. This jigsaw comes with six blades, so you don’t have to run to the nearest tool shop anytime soon.

    It even has a scale ruler to help you with your DIY projects. If you’re worried about how to carry this beast to different locations, enjoy the carrying case that it comes with!

    To further prove the fact that TECCPO cares about quality and user experience, they provide a two-year quality promise to their customers.

    It means that if you encounter issues with the jigsaw at any point within two years after purchase, you can return or exchange the product.


    • Good grip
    • Extra powerful motor
    • Dust blower and laster guide
    • Includes extra blades and a carrying case
    • Two-year quality warranty


    • No LED light

    5. BLACK+DECKER LPS7000 Cordless Jigsaw

    As popular and reliable as they are, we’re not surprised that we included another BLACK+DECKER product on our list.

    Judging by the name, you probably already know what’s the best thing this jigsaw offers. Not everyone is looking for a huge jigsaw to cut through the sturdiest materials.

    Some of us work on small DIY projects, and that’s what the LPS7000 Cordless Jigsaw is for.

    Compared to the last BLACK+DECKER tool we reviewed, this model is cordless, so a battery powers it.


    This BLACK+DECKER cordless jigsaw only weighs over two pounds.

    Despite its size, it delivers exceptional power that lets you cut at any angle you need and has a cut depth of one inch and a stroke length of half an inch.

    It even allows you to adjust the foot and increase the angle of the bevel.

    One of the best things about this jigsaw is that it runs on a 7-volt lithium-ion battery, so you don’t have to plug it in just to use it.

    As a result, you can be several meters away from your workplace, and this jigsaw will still function the way it’s supposed to.

    Moreover, the battery is still powerful enough to let you cut through standard materials.

    What further impressed us is that this jigsaw has an LED light. That’s attention to detail if you ask us.

    It means that even if you’re working in dark places, you can still work just fine as the jigsaw illuminates the material you’re cutting.

    Overall, the BLACK+DECKER LPS7000 is a powerful tool, considering its size and price.

    The only problem we see with this jigsaw is that you might have a shorter working time since you have to recharge it once in a while.


    • Variable speed settings
    • Compact
    • Cordless and portable
    • Includes LED light


    • Lightness of the tool may cause it to vibrate a lot
    • No laser guide
    • Needs frequent recharge

    Which of the Best Jigsaw Under 50 Should You Choose?

    Taking everything into account, the five units we reviewed are quite possibly the most adaptable, incredible, and very much-made jigsaws you’ll probably get for a budget-friendly price.

    They’re not premium units, but they get the job done efficiently. They’re the perfect options for those who won’t use a jigsaw regularly.

    They’re also great for those looking to build or improve their skills before buying a more expensive jigsaw that they can use for larger projects.

    While the best jigsaw that will work best for you will depend on your specific needs and projects, our top recommendation is the TECCPO TAJS01P Jigsaw.

    If you’re searching for something that will deal with any work you toss at it and has helpful features that you would get with a more costly model that will be solid, this is the best jigsaw under 50 dollars.

    If you need a more portable one and only plan on working on simple, small projects around your home or garage, the BLACK+DECKER LPS7000 Cordless Jigsaw will be your best bet.

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