Best Miter Saw Size – Buying guide


Miter saws are mostly implanted in a table board and allow the user to cut material at multiple angles. Miter saws are used in common households, and they hold a good amount of importance in the place where the people of the house are wanting to renovate or have a much more practical approach to handling or fixing their house themselves. 

The miter saws help in every part of the wood cutting, and these miter saws help in making this process easier. 

Miter saws are attached to a table and have various types of pivot angles, which can help in cutting the wood more precisely. These are also used in workshops that handle wood cutting and making borders for doors or making a picture frame or basically anything that has to deal with angled cuttings. 

Miter saws are provided with different saw sizes and give the person the power to cut through and handle bigger projects. You need to know about these saw sizes since these only get much harder to handle. 

The bigger the saw size, the harder it becomes to handle since it not only increases in numbers but also increases in power. 

The total available sizes for a miter saw are 8”, 10”, and 12”. 15” saws are used for much bigger tasks and are not recommended for smaller tasks. There are also 15” saws that are used for much bigger tasks and are not recommended for smaller tasks. 

What are 8” saws used for? 

8-inch saws are not recommended for cutting anything thicker objects. These saws are used for cutting a more precise cut or making edging cutting or making precision shapes for people who might want them. Some even suggest that a 10” saw is the same ad the 8,” but some might disagree since in a miter saw, even the smallest amount of difference might be a great one for people who are experienced. This only goes to show that each size varies in its way and can not always do the works of another saw size. 

What are 10inch size saws? 

10” saws are the most common saw sizes used in the household and professional industry to make cuts much easier. They tend to cut into 2 x 4 lumber pieces pretty easier and are much less expensive as compared to a 12” saw size. These are also easier to handle when it comes to making precision cuts. When it comes to quickly get a neat cut, you can certainly go for a 10” saw the size since these are much less aggressive in terms and can be used by people who are just starting with cutting wood. This is a very versatile saw size that is widely available in professional brands as well. 

What are 12” saw sizes? 

By the general physical comparison, you can perfectly see that there is only a 2-inch difference between the 10” saw and the 12” saw. But the performance of each of these is widely different. The 12” saw is much more aggressive, and they definitely cut a lot more deeper and have a much more aggressive force to them. This makes the saw cut 2 x 6 lumber pieces much easier and should be used for making larger defined cut rather than being used for precision cuts. 12” saws can also be perfect for use in 4×4 cuttings and 2×8 cuttings. This makes the process of deeper cuts much faster, but you should know how to control the saw and the way you’re cutting your wood, or it might end up wonky and irregular if you’re not careful. 

What can I use 12” and 10” saw sizes for specifically? 

Miter saw sizes can be used for cutting laminate floors. If these are larger and thicker floors, you should for a 12” saw the size. If the floor wood has a smaller size, you can use 10” saws to cut through them. 

These can also be used to cut crown moldings. What size is perfect for this, you may ask? Well, to answer this, if your crown molding is 4-5 inches, then you can certainly for a 10” saw size. If the crown molding goes higher than that, then you can certainly opt for a 12” saw size. 

Just as these jobs have altered usage of the saw sizes, you can also alter the saw sizes according to what your need is. This allows you to be flexible and have a good choice range.  

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