Best Miter Saws Under 300 – Buying Guide and Reviews

We all have a budget sometimes, and if you’re one of those people who have to abide by a buffet in saws, then check these best miter saws under 300.

Mirror saws can get a little costly when it comes to buying a heavy-duty one. But some mirror saws give a deal you just can refuse. The best miter saws under 300 are the perfect fix. These saws are not underpowered and are sure to give you a run for your money. At last, money spent is money invested so why not invest in something good.

Genesis store compound miter saw

This miter saw is all about ease and portability it provides the user with a good speed of 5000 RPM. This saw stops at 9 commonly used angles to allows precision cutting and has a laser guide installed with AAA batteries to ensure they last longer and you don’t have to worry about constantly feeding the machine  batteries to perform better. These small details allow the user maximum ease. They also can be constant with the levels of cutting precision you want. To ensure the safety of the user this also can break operation extremely quickly and does not allow any excessive harm to be done if a careless mistake is made after the miter woodcutting is carried out. Some inexpensive saws sometimes hinder the variety of what can be made, but not this one. This miter saw has an excessively large range of angles which allows multiple frames, shadow boxes, crown moldings, and much more to be made. The arbor aluminum frame allows easy access and makes sure the unit is portable within certain ranges. A great addition to any workshop.

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  • Aluminum frame.
  • Easy usage.
  • Precise cutting and laser precision.


  • Has a few issues with the clamps.

Evolution store miter saw

Sometimes changing blades can be a hassle. If you work in a workshop or are at home and DIY-ing a project you sometimes hit a milestone where you feel the need to change the blades on your saws to ensure a smooth cut with every changing material. But this isn’t the case with this miter saw. You can certainly cut through multiple wooden materials with only one blade. You do not require a change of blades with every other material. This saves a multitude of time and effort. You’ll get precise results every time.  You also won’t need to worry about the wood not being tightly held in place considering this saw has a tight clasp that allows the user to place the wood directly in place and does not let it move carelessly. This allows the user to perform with ease. Multiple bevels and miter cutting angles ensure that the right angle is cut every time. Either it is left or right, you can almost always expect a perfect fit.

The blade is high quality and is made of tungsten and has teethed blades to ensure the cut is very smooth and very quick.

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  • Easy handling.
  • Firm clasps
  • Great handling every time.


  • It has a soft start which some users do not prefer.

Dewalt cordless miter saw

Dewalt is known to provide a great service to its users and never fails to do so. This time is not different. These saws are great in every way and have the portability to provide for people who work on the go.  These are compact and lightweight to ensure they are easily moved from one place to another without creating havoc in the workplace. Sometimes more is more and in this case, more is provided. The bevel scales are made a little extra to give the user the ability to cut more precisely and with much ease. This increased level of bevels makes sure the person can cut more woodworks with greater adjustment levels. The stainless steel bases are adjustable and allow the user the comfort to cut the wood in every way which they find is accurate, and to help with the precision cuts this saw also comes with a laser which positions where the cut will be made beforehand to allow the user to position each angle correctly. This smooth cut allows precise and perfectly composed frames and various other wood works.

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  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to use and is portable.
  • Does not require a lot of effort.


  • Is battery operated.


On a budget does not always mean compromise and these saws do bring this statement justice. These are power-packed and ready to perform at every turn and make sure you don’t have to overspend on small essentials which may cost a hefty amount otherwise. These saws are easy to handle and are compact. These small details ensure ease and allow the user to perform the essentials of a miter saw for a fraction of a price.


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