Best Compact Sliding Miter Saw

A miter saw, also called a trim saw, is an essential tool for anyone doing all types of carpentry work, including cross-cuts, angle, and end cuts.

For those unfamiliar with the mitering process, it is when you fit two boards at a certain angle and is a technique used in all trimming works.

That said, not everyone has a spacious enough workspace to get a full-size unit.

Fortunately, the best compact sliding miter saw can match the horizontal cut capacity of a full-size 12-inch saw.

We will look at some of these compact tools that can handle most of the required cuts you will need for your projects.

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    What Is a Compact Sliding Miter Saw?

    A compact miter saw is any miter saw model with a 10” blade measurement.

    It is ideal for woodworking projects that require more modest workpieces, and the sliding models can get you 12 creeps of cross-cut on 2X material.

    You can fail to remember 4X material here in any event on a solitary cut. The 7-1/4” to 8-1/2” cutting blades will not make that without turning the workpiece.

    The best compact sliding compound miter was still considered a conservative, proficient force instrument for pros.

    They are an extraordinary choice for smaller shops, mortgage holders, and woodworkers with limited space.

    Try not to be tricked by their size. They can stand their ground and make the vast majority of the cuts needed by pros.

    Between their cutting capacity, more compact build, and lighter weight, these miter saws are certainly worth a look.

    Best Compact Sliding Miter Saw Reviews

    1. Bosch CM8S 8.5” Single-Bevel Sliding Miter Saw

    When it comes to making precise cuts, you need two essential things: a sharp blade and a powerful engine that turns it.

    With the Bosch CM8S, you get both these things and more.

    The Bosch CM8S is an 8.5-inch sliding miter saw that delivers excellent cutting performance.

    With a cutting capacity of 12.25 inches at 90 degrees and 8.625 inches at 45 degrees, you can use it for all kinds of cutting needs.


    This compact sliding miter saw from the global brand Bosch boasts a total of 10 miter detents.

    These detents are set at the most commonly used cuts, from 52 degrees on the left to 60 degrees on the right.

    For your convenience, it comes with a miter detent override. It is a thumb-activated component that lets you avoid the miter stops when cutting a non-standard point.

    If you need to cut larger workpieces, you will like that the Bosch CM8S has a base that extends up to 29 inches on both sides.

    You can also easily adjust the bevel angle from -2 degrees to 47 degrees.

    The machine weighs 37 pounds all in all, so it is not at all lightweight. Still, it’s about 30 percent lighter than regular-sized miter saws.

    Moreover, the built-in top handle makes it easy to carry from one spot to the next. You can also connect it to a vacuum, making sure the workpiece is free of sawdust.


    • Can take on heavy-duty cutting tasks
    • Made using durable materials
    • Easy to use, even for beginners
    • Makes accurate cuts
    • Works great straight out of the box


    • The slide is a bit rough
    • The handle gets in the way of the vacuum hose

    2. Craftsman CMCS714M1 Sliding Miter Saw

    Craftsman is a brand that most professionals and DIY enthusiasts have loved for a long time. All its products passed real-situation tests, exceeding everyone’s situations.

    This cordless miter saw from Craftsman is a portable and more convenient option with a small sliding saw and no cords to hinder your tasks.

    It runs using Craftsman’s V20 battery platform. With the fitted 4Ah cells, it can make up to 585 cuts in MDF baseboards with 3.25-inch thickness.

    The package comes with a 7.25-inch blade with a 40-tooth carbide tip, a standard arbor measuring 0.625, built-in handles, and a blade-changing tool.

    Also included are clamps for holding your materials steady during cuts and a dust bag for collecting sawdust and debris.


    The CMCS714M1 is a lightweight saw that weighs 21.8 pounds and measures 23 inches wide and 12 inches tall.

    Its powerful 3,800 RPM motor is enough to cut through 2x dimensional lumber, baseboards, and hardwood.

    Plus, it has an electric brake that stops the blade quickly from spinning after you release the trigger.

    You will find the power button strategically placed above the handle as a safety precaution, ensuring the saw won’t start after installing the battery.

    You can easily activate the device by gripping the handle through the main switch trigger.

    It has a single-bevel design, allowing you to make compound cuts up to 47 degrees. These miter cuts have nine built-in detent stops, increasing their accuracy during operation.

    You can make an eight-inch cross-cut as you set the miter saw’s sliding capability to 90 degrees or 5.5 inches when put at 45 degrees.

    A 3.5-inch baseboard and 3.625-inch nested crown capacity are also available for your vertical cutting needs.

    The miter saw’s sliding mechanism comes with two rails where the motor can easily slide, while the added lock makes it easier to transport safely.

    Moreover, an LED light illuminates the tool’s cut line, giving you higher visibility and accuracy while cutting boards, hardwood, or lumbers.


    • Small footprint
    • Lightweight
    • Portable
    • Makes decent cuts
    • Long battery life


    • The dust bag slips
    • LED is useless in daylight

    3. DeWalt DCS361B Sliding Miter Saw

    DeWalt made its first woodworking machine in 1922, but it was only in 1924 that the company was formed and became official.

    The DeWalt  DCS361B is a cordless sliding miter saw that uses an affordable and easy-to-find 7.25-inch carbide cutting blade.

    It belongs to the brand’s 20V cordless tool series, where one 4Ah or 5Ah battery pack lets you do all the work for a day.

    It has built-in carrying handles on each side, allowing you to pick up and transport this 30-pound lightweight sliding miter saw.

    Also included in the box are a material clamp and a blade wrench you can conveniently store on board so that it doesn’t get lost.


    This compact saw makes it easy to transport and store with the saw blade down and the device in a 45-degree locked position.

    You can quickly put away the device anywhere with its locked dimensions of 15 inches tall by 25 inches long by 22 inches wide.

    The D-handle on top makes it easy and comfortable to lower the saw when cutting your material without rotating your wrist.

    You can get an easy and precise angle adjustment using the large bevel scale with clear markings by adjusting the set screws on each side.

    It’s easy to install and remove the battery pack through the readily accessible port, locking it securely and detaching it smoothly.

    Plus, a light illuminates the cut line, creating a shadow and making it easier to complete a cut accurately.

    Setting the saw at 45 degrees gives a cutting capacity of 5.5 inches, while a 90-degree setting creates an eight-inch cut.

    The thickness-cutting limit of this DeWalt cordless sliding miter saw is up to 3.5 inches. As such, it’s an excellent tool for making short-burst and trimming jobs.

    Then, there’s the sliding rail system, which allows you to push it from the front to the back. It measures 29.5 inches when extended.

    The stainless steel detent plate has 11 positive stops and a cam lock on the miter handle, which means you can easily adjust your angle accuracy.

    Additionally, you can control the angling adjustment of the saw with a big adjustable knob at the back of the device.

    The 1.75-inch vacuum port lets you attach the included dust bag or a hose to collect the sawdust as you work.


    • Easy to change the blade
    • Makes clean and accurate cuts
    • Adequate shadow light on the cut line
    • Conveniently lightweight
    • Easy to use


    • The bevel scale only adjusts to the right
    • The dust collection system needs fixing

    4. Kobalt Sliding Compound Miter Saw

    Kobalt is a 24-year-old famous brand under Lowe’s Companies, Inc., an American home improvement chain offering numerous hand and power tools.

    It is a 7.25-inch miter saw that boasts unique features and excellent precisions essential to any woodworking and DIY projects.


    This Kobalt sliding miter saw is a powerful tool that delivers up to 5,000 RPM, running at nine amps and producing enough efficient energy for better cutting performance.

    You can use any 24V 6Ah battery pack from Kobalt to enjoy maximum performance. The brushless motor ensures your device’s longer life and extended run time.

    The saw is perfect for framing, molding cuts, and making a two-by-eight cross-cut on the workpiece. It also provides cutting versatility with its dual bevel 45-degree angle settings.

    Below are this device’s cutting capacities:

    • 2 x 10 inches at 90 degrees
    • 2 x 6 inches at 45 degrees on the left and right miter
    • 2 x 10 inches at 45 degrees on the left bevel
    • 1 x 10 inches at 45 degrees on the right bevel 
    • Maximum miter cut is 48 degrees on the left and right sides
    • The full bevel cut is 48 degrees on the left and 46 degrees on the right

    Moreover, its dual slide rail system allows for more detailed and accurate cuts, while the included clamp helps stabilize the workpiece.

    The tool’s primary material is a solid but lightweight aluminum that makes it easy to move the device from one place to another.

    Kobalt used the same high-quality aluminum for the six-inch extension table and tall fence to support the material during setup and cutting.

    You can get increased and precise alignment by mounting the laser vertically to see the pre-cut line on the wood better.

    What’s more, it comes with a dust collection port where you can connect any vacuum hose to keep your workspace free of sawdust.


    • Plenty of power and torque
    • Easy to change the blade
    • Precise cuts
    • Smooth actions
    • Easy to use


    • An inefficient dust collection bag
    • The blade can chip quickly

    5. Metabo HPT C3607DRAQ4 Pro Sliding Miter Saw

    Metabo HPT is a new brand under Koki Holdings America, previously part of the Hitachi group of companies.

    It provides durable and innovative power tools using a different name but with the same dedication and commitment to their development.

    This Metabo HPT Multivolt is a pro-ready sliding miter saw offering extreme precision for ultra-professional results.

    The rigid build of this device helps enhance its cutting accuracy. It boasts four-bearing rails connected with rivets, allowing for a more stable and smoother sliding action.

    It also uses a twin-belt drive system to reduce the noise, minimize the vibration during operation, and make smooth cuts.


    This Metabo HPT miter saw can make perfectly accurate cuts with the correct calibration.

    With its 7.25-inch blade, it can provide a solid cutting capacity and maximum bevel settings of 45 degrees on both sides.

    It also has many miter settings up to 45 degrees to the left and 57 degrees to the right, with standard detents positions.

    The saw has an adjustable laser that allows you to move its position according to your preference or requirement.

    In addition, LEDs are placed on each side of the blade to help you see your cut. You can even choose to light one or both sides.

    This HPT 36V multi-volt sliding miter saw uses a battery or an AC adapter for its power source. One full charge of the Metabo battery can make 230 cuts of two-by-10-inch wood.

    For your safety, you will find a splinter guard between the fences under the blade. You just need to loosen a knob so that you can pull it forward.

    The Metabo HPT Multivolt weighs 36 pounds with a battery and 34 pounds without, so you can carry it with one hand using the top handle.


    • Lightweight
    • Smooth operation
    • Easy to move
    • Quiet but powerful motor
    • Multi-powered


    • Limited cutting depth
    • Expensive

    6. Makita LS0815F Sliding Miter Saw

    The Makita brand is another famous name in the home improvement industry.

    For years, it has continued to innovate, manufacture, and distribute durable and high-quality products globally.

    The Makita LS0815F corded miter saw combines the brand’s powerful direct-drive motor with its compact and lightweight design.

    It’s an ideal tool for cutting solutions like carpentry, finishing, installation, trimming, and woodworking.

    An 8.5-inch miter saw blade, box wrench, dust bag assembly, triangle rule, and vertical vise are included in your purchase. 

    You will also receive a one-year warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee upon purchase of the Makita LS0815F sliding miter saw.


    The Makita LS0815F measures 29.75 inches long, 17.75 inches wide, and 19.25 inches tall, giving it a small footprint for easy transport and storage.

    One significant difference between Makita from other brands is the 10.5-amp direct drive motor with a soft start.

    In addition to smoother start-ups, you will experience continuous power while cutting. It also comes with an electric brake for added safety and convenience.

    The machine uses a linear ball-bearing system to deliver smooth and accurate cuts.

    You can achieve a 12-inch cross-cutting capacity at a 90-degree setting and 8.5 inches at 45 degrees.  It also features a 2.5-inch fence for additional vertical cutting capacity.

    The saw miters 50 degrees to the right and 60 degrees to the left with multiple positive stops.

    It also features an easy-to-reach dual-handle bevel lock at the back, adjustable up to 48 degrees to the left and five degrees to the right with positive stops.

    This portable device is lightweight at 31.1 pounds because of its machined aluminum base.

    Another cool feature is a blue Makita see-through blade guard that lets you see your workpiece while cutting.

    Plus, it has an ergonomically-designed rubberized horizontal D-handle for comfort, an accessible large trigger switch, and bright LEDs to illuminate the line on your material.

    Moreover, the included nine-inch extension wings make it more convenient to support long materials.


    • Easy to use
    • Versatile
    • The blade cuts well
    • Excellent soft start feature
    • Easy to move


    • Small table
    • Plastic parts feel cheap

    What To Look For in a Compact Miter Saw?

    When it comes to choosing a compact sliding miter saw, personal preference takes the front seat.

    It may differ from user to user, but there are crucial factors you need to consider to narrow down your options.

    1. Accuracy and Power

    More than anything, you will want to take a close look at how well the miter saw makes every cut. Can it make accurate cuts? How easy and convenient is it to operate?

    In most instances, the best model stands out among its competitors because it is designed to have decreased vibration when in use.

    2. Portability

    What you lose in cutting limit with a compact miter saw, you acquire in versatility.

    A portable sliding miter saw makes it possible for you to take on all kinds of DIY projects anywhere on your property.

    It also means you can tuck it away when not in use, freeing up space in your work area.

    3. Cutting Capacity

    Even though these saws are lighter in weight, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the features you love.

    A good compact sliding miter saw must be able to still handle the miter and angle limits of their bigger counterparts.

    This way, there is no limit to the kinds of woodworking projects you can do.

    4. Beveling and Mitering

    Look for a miter saw that would allow you to perform different cuts accurately and smoothly.

    It would be nice to have more than enough positive stops so that you can have more control over your cutting.

    Of course, models with user-friendly controls are better than those that would take you minutes to change the cut settings.

    Which Is the Best Compact Sliding Miter Saw?

    Although a compact sliding miter saw is not for everyone, some avid DIYers and woodworkers would love to have one.

    All our recommended options are top-notch quality for those searching for a suitable tool for their trimmings and finishings.

    Each reviewed device has unique features that might suit your mitering needs.

    Anyone who needs to cut angles on their workpieces will find that these miter saws are what they need in their workshops.

    If you don’t care about the price tag, the Metabo HPT sliding miter saw provides excellent performance.

    However, if you are tight on budget, the Craftsman cordless sliding miter kit is your perfect option.

    Get the Bosch CM8S 8.5” Single-Bevel Sliding Miter Saw if you want a smaller unit that can take on heavy-duty cutting tasks.

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