5 Best Wet Bench Grinders

Frequently, you’ll find that using a typical dry bench grinder does not leave a refined, polished finish on your material after hours of grinding.

Since artisans invented metal polishing and sharpening, water has always been an integral tool for the best results.

With innovations in various types of machinery, it’s only practical that bench grinders incorporate water to reduce friction and minimize material loss.

Of course, not all wet bench grinders are created equal. If you’re in the market for the best wet bench grinder, look no further than what we have on this carefully compiled list.

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    Best Wet Bench Grinder Reviews

    1. Tormek T-8 Precision Sharpening System

    Tormek may not be your one-stop shop for all tools since it doesn’t offer cordless drills and circular saws.

    However, if you’re looking for a brand that’s solely focused on sharpening, Tormek is your best bet.

    The company’s driving force is problem-solving through innovation, and it leads the world when it comes to creating complete systems for edge tool sharpening.

    It now has nearly 20 patents, exporting from Sweden worldwide to over 35 territories.

    With its global reach, you’ll find its products loved and enjoyed by woodworkers, furniture designers, cabinet makers, hunters, restaurateurs, and even households.

    Without further ado, we’d like to introduce the Tormek T-8 Original, a high-powered versatile precision sharpening system at the helm of all Tormek sharpeners.

    Product Highlights

    It is a water-cooled bench grinder that works perfectly well for sharpening edge tools of different kinds.

    We say “original” because Tormek also offers the T-8 Custom, which is pretty much the T-8 Original but without some of the included attachments.

    Essentially, the T-8 Custom allows you to pick your choice of grinding and honing wheels upon purchase.

    Either way, as long as you have the Tormek T-8, you’ll be happy to sharpen away with unbeatable precision for exact repeatability.

    • Unbeatable Precision

    The Tormek sharpening system’s foundation is its Universal Support, which guides all sorts of grinding jigs and accessories.

    This support uses patented precision mounts built into the machine’s fully cast housing.

    With this feature, you’ll surely gain complete control over your sharpening with maximum accuracy.

    • Adjustable Sharpening Properties

    The T-8 Original includes an SG-250 Original Grindstone, an aluminum oxide grindstone that measures 9.84 inches in diameter and 1.97 inches thick.

    This attachment allows sharpening adjustments anywhere between 220 and 1000 grit.

    With this variability, you can easily handle various steel grades and types, including high-speed steel (HSS).

    In addition to the SG-250, the T-8 Original comes with an LA-220 Leather Honing Wheel made of cowhide and ABS plastic.

    It measures 8.66 inches in diameter and is 1.22 inches thick.

    • Quiet and Reliable

    With its unique drive wheel, the Tormek T-8 boasts a drive system that works efficiently for many years of silent and reliable operation.

    As long as you keep using it for water-cooled sharpening, the system can sustain optimal speed, even at maximum power.

    • Maintenance-Free and Long-Lasting Motor

    The T-8 Original packs an industrial AC motor that Tormek designed and tested for 25,000 total hours of service.

    With the allowable full-sized grinding wheel, the system functions well for continuous operation.

    • Efficient EzyLock System

    Tormek’s EzyLock System allows owners of the T-8 Original to quickly and easily switch between all compatible grinding wheels.

    This system’s unique lock nut enables the unlocking and locking of the grinding wheel without the help of any tools.

    • Convenient Water Trough

    As if the T-8 Original’s innovative features weren’t enough, Tormek ensured that every mess you make during grinding is as minimal as possible.

    The included water trough has a convenient lifting system and a dual-function magnetic scraper.

    Lower or raise the trough as needed, let the magnet collect particles while sharpening, and use it to collect metallic debris after sharpening.

    What We Like

    If you think we’ve gone over the entire thing, there’s more. The Tormek T-8 Original has everything we like for a complete sharpening experience.

    Aside from the SG-250 Original Grindstone and the LA-220 Leather Honing Wheel, the set also includes other useful Tormek stuff:

    • Square edge jig
    • Angle measurer
    • Honing compound
    • Truing tool
    • Stone grader
    • Storage tray for all accessories
    • Edge marker
    • Tormek handbook

    What We Don’t Like

    As with all power tools, there is always something you might find unlikeable about the Tormek T-8 Original.

    Its price, for one, is not so appealing; one might think that Tormek only built the machine for industrial-grade applications.

    Nevertheless, with all it has to offer, this powerful device is a pretty good catch for a lifetime of use.

    Other disadvantages of this machine are its dimensions of 10.53 by 10.53 by 12 inches and its 32.6-pound weight.

    You’ll need a sturdy base for this device for maximum safety and optimal outcomes.

    However, the Tormek T-8 Original is not the heaviest among the options we have for you here.


    • Exceptional flexibility
    • Deployable for different edge tools
    • Astonishingly quick and easy operation
    • Outstanding precision for repetitions
    • Upgraded locking mechanism from the Tormek T-7
    • More rigid and accurate than the T-7
    • Quieter than many alternatives


    • Most expensive option on the list
    • Some owners may find some accessories unnecessary
    • Grind is a bit slow at 100rpm
    • Speed not enough for tool reshaping

    2. WEN BG4270T 10-Inch Two-Directional Sharpening System

    WEN has been around since 1951, touching the lives of consumers who have the heart for an ultimate DIY experience.

    Unlike Tormek, WEN is a manufacturer specializing in different kinds of tools, not only those for sharpening.

    With this company, you’ll find bench planers, rolling planers, inverter generators, spindle sanders, file sanders, rotary tools, benchtop drill presses, and, of course, bench grinders.

    We’d like to offer you our first glance at the WEN BG4270T, a two-directional bench grinder with a water-cooling system.

    Product Highlights

    If you’re looking for something more affordable than the Tormek T-8 but with similar basic features, the WEN BG4270T is an excellent choice. It is a sharpening system for wet and dry applications.

    A similarity with the Tormek T-8 is its 10-inch diameter sharpening stone and 8-inch diameter leather stropping wheel.

    While the sharpening stone is two inches thick, the honing wheel is about an eighth over an inch thick.

    • Maximum Sharpening Precision

    Compared to the T-8 Original, the BG4270T can run its wheel up to 115 rounds per minute.

    As such, it can deliver precision sharpening a bit faster than the Tormek.

    • Universal Jig Support

    This bench grinder’s universal jig support is compatible with a wide range of accessories, including WEN’s 42704B Sharpening Kit. It adjusts in two directions: vertical and horizontal.

    • Water-Resistant Casing

    A closer look at the bench grinder will tell you that the sturdy housing protects the motor from spills, dust, and continuous operation.

    Apart from the sealed motor, the electric switch has a silicone cover protecting it from splashes and debris.

    • Included Accessories

    The WEN bench grinder has a built-in carrying handle, an angle guide, and a height-adjustable water reservoir.

    It also includes a chisel and planer blade sharpening jig. Finally, the set includes a honing compound.

    What We Like

    The WEN BG4270T’s other advantage over the Tormek T-8 is its bi-directional rotation, which is easily configurable with the flip of a switch.

    With this feature, you can easily accomplish any sharpening task without moving so much around the machine.

    What We Don’t Like

    One disadvantage of the BG4270T is its non-adjustable grinding wheel grit.

    The included grinding wheel and the machine’s operation can only produce a coarse 220-grit sharpening and polishing output.

    We also don’t like that you will have to purchase the WEN 42704A 4-Piece Sharpening Accessory Kit to sharpen knives, axes, and scissors.


    • Durable bench grinder
    • Easy to assemble and operate
    • Carrying handle simplifies transportation
    • Rotates in both directions
    • Much more affordable than the Tormmek T-8
    • Unbeatable price tag


    • Heaviest option on the list – 36 lbs
    • Limited to 220 grit
    • Requires tools for grinding wheel replacement

    3. JET JWS-10 10-Inch Variable Speed Wet Sharpener

    Like WEN, JET Equipment has been in the tools marketplace since the 1950s. Initially, it began as a dealer of trolleys and chain hoists from a lone store in Tacoma, Washington.

    Today, it has grown into a dealer of a wide range of tools, including industrial air tools, material handling equipment, and metalworking and woodworking products.

    Under its woodworking and metalworking departments sprung forth belt sanders, dust collectors, buffers, bench grinders, and related accessories. 

    If you’re looking for a reliable wet sharpening system, you’ll get great value from JET Tools’ JWS-10 Variable Speed Wet Sharpener.

    Product Highlights

    The JET JWS-10 is perfect for those working in the crafting industry, especially those requiring tools with sharp edges for carving and shaping wood.

    It is an essential tool for keeping edge tools in tip-top shape for round-the-clock functionality.

    • Variable Speed

    Compared to the WEN BG4270T and the Tormek T-8, the JWS-10 has variable speed control. You can adjust the rotational speed between 90 and 150 RPM.

    • Advanced Sharpening

    This bench grinder boasts consistent pressure delivery to the drive shaft using its torque adjustment feature.

    You can also rely on the grinder to maintain the chosen sharpening wheel speed, no matter the wheel diameter.

    • Excellent Water Management

    Another notable feature of the JWS-110 is its oversized water reservoir. With it, you can prevent the wheel from overheating and the water from spilling in all directions.

    • Multiple Accessory Inclusions

    The wet sharpener set includes a 10-inch, 220-grit grinding wheel and an 8-inch leather honing wheel.

    It also packs a support arm, a stone grader, two jigs: chisel angle and straight edge, an angle measurer, and some leather honing compound.

    • Built-in Storage

    This machine’s intuitive design includes a built-in storage drawer that can hold accessories and jigs.

    What We Like

    This bench grinder’s selling point is the availability of a wide range of compatible accessories.

    While its housing has mounting points along its sturdy base, the rotating base can be a very convenient addition. However, you need to purchase it separately.

    Other purchasable accessories include the following:

    • Side wheel grinding jig
    • Profiled leather honing wheel
    • Long knife jig
    • Tool rest
    • Support arm extension
    • Plane camber jig
    • Three-piece woodturning tool jig set
    • Diamond truing tool
    • Three-piece blade jig set

    As long as you know what you need the bench grinder for, you can never go wrong about which accessories to add to your arsenal.

    What We Don’t Like

    Similar to the WEN BG4270T, an obvious issue with the JWS-10 is its grinding wheel’s 220-grit limitation.

    Nevertheless, the adjustable torque and variable speed can compensate for better versatility.


    • Better portability than the Tormek T-8 or WEN
    • Variable speed motor
    • Excellent for woodworkers
    • Improved water management
    • Lightweight for its grinding wheel diameter
    • Plenty of available accessories


    • Costs more than double the WEN BG4270T
    • 220-grit limitation on grinding wheel

    4. Tormek T-4 Original Compact Sharpening System

    We have already mentioned that Tormek’s primary goal is to keep edge tools sharp for a much longer service life.

    One of its more compact bench grinders is a perfect addition to this mix.

    Enter the Tormek T-4 Original Compact Sharpening System. Again, its name carries the term “original” because another variation is the Tormek T-4 Bushcraft.

    The Bushcraft has all the features and inclusions as the Original, except for an added centering knife jig, axe jig, and a different housing color.

    Essentially, the Bushcraft is Tormek’s recommendation for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

    Product Highlights

    The T-4’s water trough is much smaller than the one on the T-8. Nevertheless, it is an efficient water-cooled sharpening system that provides no risk of steel overheating.

    • Highly Portable

    As its name suggests, the Tormek T-4 Compact is the smaller sibling of the T-8.

    It may have a price tag like the JWS-10’s, but it is much friendlier for hobbies and home use.

    Nonetheless, it does not shy away from industry-grade applications, as it is the perfect tool for professionals with limited space.

    • Versatile Sharpening

    The T-4 comes with a 7.87 by 1.57-inch aluminum oxide grinding wheel and a 5.71 by 1.02-inch honing wheel.

    It uses a unique drive system with RKX18 rubber, which self-adjusts for the applied load.

    • T-8 Adaptations

    Like the T-8, the T-4 boasts Tormek’s composite EzyLock system for simple grinding wheel replacement.

    The included grinding wheel also has properties adjustable between 220 and 1000 grit. In addition, it has the larger model’s silent idling maintenance-free industrial motor, which sits only at 54dB.

    Finally, the T-4 offers the same stability and precision as the T-8, albeit in a smaller, more portable design.

    What We Like

    The Tormek T-4 is an all-around sharpening machine for small-edge tools. It doesn’t matter if you’re sharpening scissors, knives, chisels, or lawnmower blades; the T-4 Original has all the features you need.

    With the comprehensive T-4 system, you can make any small-edge tool you can think of like new and ready for the next job.

    Aside from the grindstone and leather honing wheel, the T-4 Original includes the following:

    • Universal support
    • Stone grader
    • Angle measurer
    • Edge marker
    • Honing compound
    • Tormek handbook

    What We Don’t Like

    The problem with the T-4 is that it cannot match the T-8’s functionality for sharpening molding knives, planer blades, and broad-edge tools.

    Another disadvantage is that it does not have the quick-release knob for the honing wheel, like in the T-8.


    • Excellent for common edge tools
    • Compact and lightweight
    • Plenty of accessories
    • Patented precision mounts
    • Sturdy handle


    • Motor life limited to 10,000 hours
    • Non-continuous operation
    • Recommended for smaller tools only

    5. Bucktool SCM4500 4-Inch Utility Sharpener

    If you haven’t heard of Bucktool, it is another trustworthy brand when it comes to different types of power tools.

    It designs and manufactures bench sanders, dust collectors, bench grinders, and scroll saws.

    One of its more simplistic grinders is the Bucktool SCM4500 Knife Sharpener.

    Product Highlights

    The Bucktool SCM4500 is the most compact machine on this list. It has the smallest grinding stone, which only has a diameter of 4.5 inches.

    While its motor boasts a rotation of 170RPM, it only has a 120-grit grinding stone for wet and dry sharpening.

    • Reversible Operation

    The Bucktool SCM4500 has a single switch that switches the device off or rotates the grinding wheel in the direction of your choice.

    Choose forward or reverse wheel rotation depending on the work rest you want to use or the edge tool you are sharpening.

    • Dual Work Rests

    The SMC4500 has two work rests, one on either side of the grinding wheel. These rests are different in size but have the same multi-position lock knobs for superior stability.

    • Water-Cooled Functionality

    The grinding wheel sits suspended above a shallow water trough that can keep the wheel wet during operation.

    However, the device only allows up to six ounces of water to be poured directly over the stone.

    You must refill the water trough regularly to maintain water cooling during extended sharpening operations.

    What We Like

    The Bucktool SCM4500 is the best option for maximum portability and on-the-go applications. It only weighs 10.36 pounds.

    As such, it is an exceptional tool for traveling chefs, woodworkers, and artisans.

    What We Don’t Like

    The problem with the Bucktool Utility Sharpener is that it does not have a built-in leather honing wheel, unlike all the other options.

    You need to manually sharpen blades on a finer whetstone for more refined edges.


    • Easy to carry around
    • Excellent for knives and small-edge tools
    • Versatile operation


    • No leather strop
    • Not for industrial applications

    How to Choose a Wet Bench Grinder

    Suppose you’re just about to purchase your first wet bench grinder; the first thing you’ll have to consider is its primary application.

    While some wet bench grinders are for all-around use, the most important features will depend on your intended activity.

    Check out the following considerations:

    Ease of Use

    First, choose a device with superimposed controls that you can handle even with safety gear, such as gloves and goggles.

    In addition, your choice of grinding wheels will vary if you plan to use the bench grinder for different materials.

    Your best approach for such a situation is a bench grinder with easy-to-swap wheels.

    Another feature that affects the ease of use is portability, but it depends on your work situation.

    Do you confine your work in a single workshop, or do you bring your tools to different places of work?


    Consider the vibrations from your choice of bench grinder, so give the device a high-speed test run before purchasing.

    As a rule of thumb, grinders with larger diameter wheels usually produce fewer vibrations.


    As with any power tool, the bench grinder will have a set of attachments that will make operation much more manageable.

    Choose the right supports, jigs, truing tools, and wheels. Also, look for safety attachments such as gooseneck lights, stability mounts, eye guards, spark arrestors, and water troughs.

    Convenient Settings

    Versatility is a big plus for any power tool. You’re on your way to efficient operation if you can choose between variable grinding coarsenesses, variable speeds, and reversible rotation.


    With the list above, you already know that wet bench grinders fall across a wide range of price tags.

    If price affects your decision, we suggest you choose a reliable product that allows upgrades through purchasable accessories.

    Wet Bench Grinder FAQs

    1. Why Use a Wet Bench Grinder?

    Employing water to lubricate a sharpening stone ensures your work material and tools do not overheat.

    It also prevents you from compromising the temper of steel so as not to render it useless for cutting.

    2. What Are the Safety Rules When Using a Bench Grinder?

    The safety precautions for using a wet bench grinder are the same as those for any other power tool.

    First and foremost, protect yourself: wear safety goggles, a dust mask, and gloves.

    Keep your fingers at least two inches from the wheel, and avoid grinding material too small to be securely held.

    Also, stop all operations on the first sign of malfunction.

    3. What Is the Speed of a Bench Grinder?

    Different bench grinders offer different rotational speeds, and some even have variable speed settings.

    Larger wet bench grinders typically register lower RPMs than those with smaller wheels.

    4. What Size Bench Grinder Is Best?

    Again, if you want a more stable setup, larger-diameter wheels tend to produce fewer vibrations. Nevertheless, bench grinders with smaller grinding stones should be enough to sharpen smaller tools.

    5. How Do You Take Care of a Bench Grinder?

    The best way to benefit from the intended service life of any machine is to use it only for suitable applications.

    Also, maintain it well by keeping it clean. The spinning wheels of a wet bench grinder collect dirt and debris from the materials you work on.

    A strong magnet can help you manage the debris. Another way to keep the dirt off is with an air hose.

    Which Is the Best Wet Bench Grinder?

    For professional applications, the best wet bench grinder, hands down, is the Tormek T-8.

    If you find it’s a bit over budget for your requirements, go ahead and check out the affordable but reliable WEN BG4270T.

    However, if a compact, high-precision machine is what you need, you should settle for the Tormek T-4.

    Again, carefully consider what you plan to use the wet bench grinder for; only you can decide which is best for your projects.

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