BORA Portamate PM-3550 Mobile Base Review

Are you worried because you have too much weight to move? If yes, you know about the Bora Portamate Mobile Base PM-3550 Industrial-Strength with Swivel Wheels. The mobile base PM-3550 is perfect to use for moving heavy loads.

Bora Portamate has long been a critical factor in developing robust, durable mobile bases for forestry and machine equipment, so it’s no surprise that this 675kg universal mobile base is no exception. The PM-3550 is a heavy-duty, fully-adjustable adjustable rolling platform that outperforms the market by hundred pounds. Thanks to its four swivel wheels, it is the ideal movable platform for long gear and work tables. The user may move a machine or bench straight out from the wall using the four swivel wheels, resolving concerns with maneuvering in confined places in the workshop. Also, the user can use it for shifting different kinds of load from one place to another.

The Bora Portamate Mobile Base PM-3550 Industrial-Strength With Swivel Wheels are made of steel-less steel, making it ideal for use in weather. The wheel lock is an excellent factor of the PM-3550. You can lock the wheel at any place, and they will not move until you want them to move.

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Usage of the Bora Portamate Mobile Base

Bora portamate mobile base PM-3550 is perfect for moving any heavy load. The PM-3550 super-duty all-swivel movable base is suitable for small companies or keeping heavy machinery mobile. It will help you expand your usable workplace. Its heavy-duty transportable base can handle band-cutting tools, table trimmers, carbide inserts, and other stationary power drills. It’s also ideal to use for more extensive cupboards, tool kits, safety equipment, and a variety of other items. Its four all swivel wheels make it simple to carry the heaviest equipment into your shop’s most minor place. It also has a unique adjustable rolling platform.


  • Adjustable size
  • Versatile
  • Locking levers
  • Mobility
  • Easy to use
  • Durability
  • PortableSwivel wheels
  • Heaviest capacity


  • Difficult to roll around


So the Bora Portamate Mobile Base PM-3550 Industrial-Strength With Swivel Wheels is an excellent and durable product for heavy-duty transport. One of the best aspects is its steel-less steel martial. That makes it reliable and effective to use in any weather. Also, the four wheels contribute significantly to its mobility. You can quickly move more than six eighty kg of weight from it.

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How to use the Bora mobile base?

Once you have your assembled mobile base, bring it near the weight you want to move. Lock the levers of the mobile base, so it doesn’t move and make work easier for you. Make sure to keep the mobile base on the level of the weight. Once you have your mobile base and weigh on the same level, start to push your weight on the mobile floor. When you have your weight on the mobile base, unlock the levers and move your weight where you want to.

Can you put a washer machine while it’s operating on this mobile base?

Yes, you can put the washer machine on the mobile base to deal with the significant weight. But it doesn’t sound like a good idea because most washer machines vibrate when operating, so it may damage your washer machine.

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