Bosch PL1632 6.5 Amp Planer Review

If you have even the slightest knowledge about power tools, then you must have certainly heard about Bosch. The company’s power tools division has been manufacturing corded and cordless power tools since 1956.

The Bosch PL1632 planer comes with a 6.5 amp motor that delivers about 16,500 rotations per minute.It is the industry’s first planer that comes with a lock-off and lock-on button which is helpful in preventing accidental start-ups when the tool is not in use.

The Bosch PL1632 features a dual-mount fence that offers non-flexing guidance and prevents the marring of workpieces.

The cord comes with a ball-joint swivel which eases the positioning of cord which helps in keeping it out of the way. It comes with a built-in elevated stand that helps in protecting the blades and saves a lot of money.

The Bosch PL1632 kit comes with a 6.5 Amp electric planer, dual mount guide fence, reversible wood razor blade, no-mar plastic overshoe for the fence, blade wrench, and dust bag.

The product weighs only 6.3 pounds, which means it’s lightweight and highly portable. It can be carried easily to onsite woodworking locations with great ease.

Bosch is a reliable brand that stands behind its products. The tool comes with a one-year limited product warranty, so any kind of defect caused due to a manufacturing defect or workmanship will be fixed free of charge.

Bosch PL1632 Electric Planer

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  • The electric planer features a 6.5 amp motor that is capable of delivering 16,500 rotations per minute
  • It works fast to remove wood shavings and give a smooth finish to soft and hardwoods
  • It comes with a spring-loaded stand that raises the planer in order to guard the tool and the blade at a resting point
  • The unique shape of the electric planer permits easy access in the mid of the workpiece
  • It comes with a dual-mount fence with a protective shield that helps to smoothen out the door edges
  • The plastic overshoe prevents the disfigurement of door face
  • There are separate metric and inch depth scales that offers an easy setting of the cutting depth
  • The tool features an optimally angled handle that assists in the forward motion of the tool


  • The single blade of the Bosch PL1632 comes like an advantage as it works fine and is easy to replace as well. You can work using the blade for a couple of hours at a stretch
  • If you have been using manual planers for a while, you will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of time this planer can save you
  • This electric planer works fine with softwood as well as hardwood. It can be used to cut through wood like butter
  • If you are a professional woodworker looking for power and speed, then this electric planer will fit the bill perfectly
  • It comes with a one-year limited warranty, making it a risk-free purchase. If there are any manufacturing or workmanship defects, then the manufacturer will replace the product free of charge
  • The planer weighs only 6.3 pounds which means that the tool is extremely lightweight and portable. Hence, it can be carried to onsite locations for your outdoor woodworking projects with great ease
  • The textured handle offers good grip to the user; hence, this results in less fatigue when you have to use the tool for long hours
  • The cutting depth can be easily adjusted depending on the type of woodworking project. You can use this powerful tool for small home improvement projects in the house


  • The product does not come with a carrying case. However, it is light and highly portable
  • It is suitable for beginners wanting to try their hand at DIY projects. It is definitely not made for heavy-duty jobs
  • It makes a lot of sawdust which might be an issue as the work area tends to get highly messy. If you are planning to use the tool for a couple of hours, then there might be a lot of cleaning to do
  • To save your time, you may use the dust collector or dust bag, which can get filled up fast. So, be prepared to empty the bag frequently


Overall, the Bosch PL1632 does what it is expected to do and it does its job brilliantly. It is capable of cutting through soft and hardwood with equal ease. Although it includes only a single blade, the Bosch PL1632 works great when compared with other electric planers available in the market. The power tool comes with a plethora of features that make it really worth the price.

If you are a beginner looking for a good quality planer that performs well and costs less, then the Bosch PL1632 can fit the bill perfectly. It will be an amazing addition to your toolkit and will help you in a variety of woodworking projects.

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