ET JWP-208HH Helical Head Planer Review

When it comes to the business of woodwork, it is a trade that some carpenters take really seriously. In fact, it has been said that a tradesman or woodworker is only as good as the tools he uses. So, you can be a really talented tradesman, but if you lack the right tools, your craft will lack substance as well.

That is why tradesmen and woodworkers will not mind spending money to get the right tools so that he can have the potential to increase the quality of their output. Rather than seeing it as an expense, they will see buying an expensive tool as an investment in their trade.

One tool that carpenters need to have is a planer. Sometimes the tool may be referred to as a plane or as a Jack Planer.

It is a tool that carpenters need because it helps them to shape the wood. Planers have evolved over time. Initially and traditionally, they were manual and handheld devices, but now they have evolved drastically.

They are bigger, and some are powered by electricity. Although the electric ones are more popular, a carpenter may still have a handheld one because they are cordless and smaller than the electrical monstrosities that manufacturers produce.

The Jet Helical Head Planer



If you are seeking to invest in your trade of carpentry, then this planer will propel you in the right direction as it is probably one of the biggest investments you may make financially. The Jet Helical Planer is a beast and gives the owner twenty inches to work with.

The machine is huge, yet at the same time, it does not mean that it is noisy or it will disturb you. In fact, Jet boasts that one of the features is a staggered carbide insert. These inserts attached to the cutter heads ensure that the planer gives a quite cut.

  • Constructed using cast iron and steel
  • It can operate at two speeds.
  • The item weighs 837 pounds.
  • It comes with five years warranty.
  • Dimensions: 44 x 28 x 23 inches


Quiet planer.

You will expect a planer of this size and weight to be noisy, especially since it may be used on a construction site. However, with this planer, you can expect to have a noise-free construction zone when you are using it.

You have one less tool adding to the decibel level of your construction site despite the power it exerts.

Transmission technology.

Jet gives you the impression that you are driving a car. They state that the planer comes with two gears that allows you to control its speed.

It also allows you to automatically adjust the speed to suit your needs with its chain tensioner.

Strong material.

You get what you pay for. The materials used in this planer are super durable. The machine is made of steel and cast iron. The table is cast iron, and it is precise and strong enough to support your work.


It has a five feet cord.

This chord may be a bit too short for some. However, with such a heavy product, it is unlikely that you are going to want to move it once it is positioned. If you need a long power chord, you can change the chord to one that is longer.

Very heavy product.

The product is very heavy—more than 800 pounds. To move it, you will require a fork-lift. So, once it is positioned, if you need to move it again, you will need another forklift or a lot of manpower to assist with moving it

Shipping considerations.

If you have this product shipped to you, you need to think about how badly you want it. If the product’s packaging is not prepped well for shipping and transport, you are going to spend a lot of money for something that arrives damaged and bruised.

If these are concerns you think you will have, then you should consider buying a planer that is lighter and transports well. In that instance, you may not get the same features that you get in the Jet Planer.


The Jet Planer is truly a heavy-duty planer in all aspects and is not intended for the hobbyist, and the occasional do-it-yourself professional. It is intended for industrial use just based on the weight that it carries. It is powerful, build from durable material, and it is quiet.

However, once it is positioned, it is going to be difficult to move because of the weight. You may also need to replace the cord to get a longer one. You will also have to worry about how the product will be handled when it is shipped.

If you are someone that would like to have something a little more mobile than you should consider just going with a benchtop planer.

Comparison with Another Brand

A product of comparable value will be the Baileigh IP-208 Industrial Planer. It is a 20-inch planer, with a spiral head that has the horsepower of five (like the Jet machine) and a phase of three. It weighs 880 pounds and is intended for industrial use. This product too has a cast iron table and a metallic cutter head.

However, it is less expensive than the Jet, though it is way lighter. The only downside of this product is that you have to pay a hefty shipping fee.


The Jet Helical Head Planer is a tool that should only be used by professionals. The reason for this is because it is very heavy and very expensive.

If the layman were to buy this product, he probably would not see any returns on his investments, especially if he buys it to do projects in his house. A carpenter, who may be a contractor, may find this tool to be very useful especially if he has a lot of wood to cut on his job site.

However, this is a tool that will get its most use on construction sites.

If you believe this is the best tool for you and will help to increase the quality of your service offering, then you ought to seriously consider buying one. It may be substantial, but you should consider the time savings when using a bigger machine and the return on investment.

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