Porter-Cable PC60THP 6-Amp Hand Planer Review

The product we going to review here today is of course the PC60THP 6 Amp Hand Planer. The Porta-Cable company itself has been manufacturing power tools since 1906 and is an American company which is known for manufacturing a lot of remarkable power tools such as the first portable belt sander, band saw and a helical-drive circular saw.

The PC60THP is an electric hand planer that features a durable 6 amp motor.

The powerful motor of the Porter-Cable PC60THP is capable of smoothly cutting hardwood with a speed of 16,500 rpm, resulting in easy wood removal. When using the electric hand planer, you will see that a lot of wood shavings and sawdust are released which need to be collected.

This planer comes with a dual side dust extraction which means you can attach the dust bag on either side of the tool to keep your work area clean.

The knob that regulates the cutting depth in the planer comes with ten positive steps that allow enhanced control and manifold depth settings for different types of jobs. There are three chamfering grooves for preferences on the edge chamfering.

There are an 11.5 inches cast aluminum shoe which provides enhanced control and high-quality finish. The 5/64 inches depth of cut is capable of removing excess wood shavings in less time.

The kit includes a PC60THP electric hand planer, wrench, carbide cutting blades, dust bag, edge guide and a kit bag.

Porter-Cable is a trusted brand that stands behind its products and offers a 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty on its PC60THP electric planer.

If you are a beginner hoping to purchase the Porter-Cable PC60THP to use for a project, let me tell you that you would need some practice. Read the instructions provided in the manual carefully and do some practice before you actually start using the tool to cut through wood.

The Porter-Cable PC60THP Planer

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  • It comes with a powerful 6 amp motor that delivers a speed of 16,500 rpm
  • The dual-side dust bag can be attached to either side of the tool for easy extraction of dust
  • Over-mold depth knob comes with 10 positive steps to adjust the cutting depth
  • The 3 chamfering grooves enable options for edge chamfering
  • The 11.5-inch cast aluminum shoe offers better control and ultimate finish
  • It comes with a 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty


The Porter-Cable PC60THP has a powerful motor that is capable of delivering good speed. It is capable of leaving a smooth finish and it is better than several other hand planes.

It is an awesome dust-free alternative to aggressive sanding jobs, particularly when removing the old finishes and fitting doors.

The planer is easy to use even for beginners, but you must read the instructions carefully before using it for the first time.

The power tool is relatively cheaper than other electric planers from other brands, and the fact that it belongs to Porter-Cable makes it a great buy!

You can use this electric planer to cut softwood as well as hardwood with equal ease. It cuts through the wood pretty easily and quickly.

The PC60THP is highly portable and after you are done using it, you can put it inside the bag that comes with the kit and carry it with you.

Although electric planers are a relatively powerful tool, this one is quite light in weight which means that you can easily carry it with you wherever you go. It also means you will experience less fatigue when using the tool.

The dust extraction feature of the tool works great and the ability to attach the dust bag on either side of the tool is highly useful.


The Porter-Cable PC60THP is relatively noisy when compared to other power planers available in the market; however, the cutting process itself does not make a lot of noise.

The dust bag that comes with the kit is pretty small and it gets filled quickly so you need to evacuate it in between your job if you plan to use the tool for a long time.


Overall, the PC60THP 6 Amp Hand Planer delivers a powerful performance and works like a dream to offer a great finish on wooden materials. It comes with several features that you can only find in a high-quality planer and this one is priced reasonably which makes it very affordable.

You can use the electric planer for a variety of woodworking jobs to get amazing results.

Porter-Cable offers a 3-year warranty on all its products so any replacement can be done without any hassles. Whether you are a professional woodworker or a hobbyist, if you are looking for a high quality yet reasonable planer, then the PC60THP 6 Amp Hand Planer is a great choice!

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