Power Tool Organization Ideas To Save Space and Work Effectively

A neat and organized workshop is every DIYer’s dream. Imagine starting your day with a clean space where everything you need is right where you want them.

It saves a lot of your time trying to find missing tools. Plus, it makes your task smooth and easy.

There isn’t a magic formula for how you can organize your tools. Instead, it depends on several factors, such as how much space you have and what tools you use.

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    Power Tool Storage Ideas

    If you’re a woodworker or a handyman with lots of tools, you need everything to be accessible each time you work.

    On the other hand, if you’re a weekend hobbyist, you may need a smaller space that won’t get in the way of your other tasks.

    Regardless of your situation, here are ten power tool organization ideas to help tidy up your workspace:

    1. Mobile Workbench

    Many people struggle with organizing power tools that they often use, especially while working on a project.

    If you only have a few power tools, such as a circular saw, belt sander, and a drill, you will benefit from a mobile workbench.

    A mobile workbench is also brilliant if you love working outdoors or need more space for your project.

    A DIY workbench with ample hanging storage for power tools like cordless drills and an area for larger tools like air compressors will be beneficial for you.

    You can also consider building storage on the front for nail guns, staples, drills, and drivers is also a great idea.

    Also, adding wheels to move heavy tools around quickly will make things more convenient.

    The key is to build in as much ample storage as possible underneath so you have the top surface all for your tasks.

    Alternatively, you can buy a large rolling tool chest with drawers for storage that are big enough to hold all three items.

    2. Circular Saw Storage Rack

    A circular saw is among the power tools that can be difficult to store when not used.

    In addition, since it usually rests on its sides, it often consumes a lot of space and makes your workshop feel disorganized.

    Plus, there’s a possibility that the sideway pressure on the blade would knock out its alignment over time.

    Luckily, making a circular saw storage is simple. This fantastic storage idea is made with simple cuts, scrapped plywood, and common woodworking tools.

    It allows your circular saw to rest flat in a vertical position, protecting the blade from potential damage and keeping the cord contained.

    3. Nail Gun Organizer With Drawer

    Pin nailers, staplers, and brad nailers are essential in the workshop. However, they can be difficult to organize because they all look the same.

    The biggest enemy of nail guns is moisture, so it’s important to store it somewhere nice and dry.

    A nail gun organizer solves all your problems by keeping your tools in place. Add a drawer underneath to keep your nails sorted according to size and length.

    4. Sander Storage

    How do you store your sandpaper? If you’re like most people, you probably store it in a drawer.

    Unfortunately, it isn’t the best way to keep them.

    You may not find your sandpaper when you need it or get it mixed up with other items like your sanding discs, blocks, and belts.

    A sandpaper organizer is a solution if you want to save time trying to look for things when you need them.

    It can have individual shelves for sanders, sanding blocks, and various sizes of sandpaper separately, as well as divided compartments for keeping the sanding discs.

    Plus, it’s mounted on the wall and out of deep drawers. You can make this DIY organizer in less than an hour, which will benefit your workspace.

    sample power tool organization ideas

    5. DIY Planer Stand With Storage

    A planer is a heavy power tool weighing around 90 pounds. While most models come with a dolly you can use as a tool cart, it’s still challenging to use.

    Every time you need it, you have to bow down, which can cause your back and legs to ache.

    The solution? Build a planer stand that is compact, easy to move around, and offers plenty of dedicated space for storage.

    Ensure it’s at waist height so it’s incredibly easy to use. Add four lockable casters for maneuverability and stability when using the planer.

    Also, a shelf for storing other tools, a drawer for small tools like blades and utility knives, outfeed rollers for working with longboards, and a folding outfeed table for an extra workspace will be great.

    6. Miter Saw Station With Storage

    Every workshop needs a basic workbench for projects and storage for all tools.

    Luckily, making your own workbench with a miter saw storage is easy, and you only need plywood and 2X4 lumber.

    Build a workbench that features a flat work surface, a large, fantastic storage shelf on the bottom, and extra storage space for slender tools.

    When you’re just starting in DIY woodworking, a sturdy workbench like this is all you need!

    7. French Cleat

    A French cleat is an ingeniously clever way to hang items on walls. It consists of two wood pieces with a 30 to 45-degree slope.

    We often use it for securing wall-mounted shelves or garage storage cabinets, but did you know you can also use it for mounting modular toolboxes in your workshop?

    To make a French cleat, you only need 3/4-inch plywood or scrap wood. You can cut the strip as long as you need to suit your tools.

    It’s an excellent idea if you have a small workshop since you can utilize the vertical space to store your power tools.

    8. DIY Tool Stand With Sander Lift

    When you have a small workshop, you need to be creative with tool storage, especially if you have a lot of power tools. Many DIYers build flip-top tool stands.

    However, if you want to keep the top surface clean for cutting materials using the miter saw, you can attach a mixer lift that slides from under the work surface. This saves you a lot of space.

    Plus, it has a bottom rack where you can store other equipment.

    9. Drill Charging and Docking Station

    Another way to store and organize your power drills, drill bits, and accessories is to install a shelf that can hang on your workshop or garage wall.

    To make these workshop or garage wall storage ideas even more purposeful, attach a power outlet to charge your power tools while you store them.

    If you want, you can add custom tool drawers to store more items.

    10. Tall Garage Tool Cabinet

    If you have a small space, you can create a lot of storage space if you utilize the vertical space by building a tall cabinet.

    It’s best if these DIY tool storage solutions have shallow top shelves where you can stash away paint cans.

    The larger bottom section is perfect for storing bulky items and socket sets.

    Tips When Organizing Power Tools

    Power tools are generally larger than hand tools, which demands more garage storage space.

    If you plan to store your power tools in a garage space or shed, your space must be well-insulated and properly ventilated.

    Here are some tips to keep your tools organized:

    Use Containers

    Containers or plastic storage bins are great for organizing tools as they protect your stuff from water, moisture, and dust that could potentially damage them.

    If you decide to use plastic storage bins for your power tools, you can organize them by placing similar items together.

    For example, a reciprocating saw, a jig saw, and a circular saw can all go in the same container.

    Build a Storage Cabinet

    However, you can try building a storage cabinet with adjustable shelves if you have larger power tools.

    Besides your floor space, you may also wall-mount a hardboard pegboard or plastic pegboard to hang power tools.

    Better yet, build a cabinet with pegboard or a cabinet made of doors with pegboard.

    Other Tips

    When storing power tools, there are a few things to remember:

    • Make sure they aren’t exposed to excess moisture to prevent rusting.
    • Be mindful of the temperature of the space they are being kept in.
    • Store your power tools somewhere free from dust.
    • If you plan to use hooks, just ensure they are strong enough to support whatever you’re hanging.

    What’s Your Fave Among These Power Tool Organization Ideas?

    Power tools are an investment. To ensure they stay functional for as long as possible, you must know how to store them properly.

    Whether you’re tight in space or simply want to easily access your power tools when needed, these power tool organization ideas will help you reach your goals.

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