SKIL 4V Pivot Grip Rechargeable Cordless Screwdriver Review

When someone starts reading power tools reviews and selecting one for your comfortable use, we try to help them and give them the best. The Brand Skil is one of those brands that is sufficient enough to satisfy the basic needs of a user. Skil is famous for its products acquiring big power tools along with a sleek and compact design. They keep in mind the light weightiness so that the users do not feel the strain on their wrists, especially at elevated positions. From drills to circular saws and blowers and lawn mowers, they are designing and selling almost every tool that you might possibly need.

Right now, we are considering screwdrivers of this brand which has a good rating on Amazon. Following are the features of the SKIL 4V Pivot Grip Rechargeable Cordless Screwdriver.

Overview – SKIL 4V Pivot Grip Rechargeable Cordless Screwdriver

Like other products of Skil, this cordless screwdriver is a top-notch quality provider. We never thought that screwdrivers could get this much advanced and innovated. If you are not a regular user and want to purchase it for occasional use, you might not feel the importance of this tool as much as the one who uses it every now and then.

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What it brings is convenience is the first priority. They are the ideal screwdrivers that are completely fine for DIY projects and daily use. In addition to its ease, the handle plays an important role. Based on the requirement, some users ask for a straight grip, and some prefer the standardized grips. The efficiency comes into action when it satisfies both of the requirements through a 4V Pivot grip. They can tighten or loosen the screws electrically without the intervention of human force or fatigue. Another highlighting feature is its cordless facility. How will you be able to perform your task when you are in some elevated position without an electric supply? Especially for that purpose, it has a cordless battery charging feature so that you can charge it and take it along for the day.

Thinking about the rechargeable backup timing that how long is this power tool going to support you? Do not worry. They have thought about it while manufacturing and installed a Lithium-ion battery that can give you a healthy chargeability on every single charge. You charge it once and forget about it, and it will ask for a recharge for a whole day. In case you forget the charger, you can connect it to a micro USB charging port, and by the time you will reach your destination, it will be fully charged by then. This is what we call a highly portable tool.

In some extra features, it has a two-finger trigger that adjusts accurately with your 4V Pivot grip, and the rubber quality is also quite impressive, so there is no chance it is going to slip from your hand. It also includes a spindle lock feature that, when you start using it, locks so that accuracy can be attained. It also has a LED light which is quite an impressive approach because not every time we work in daylight. Sometimes, there are some places where there is no source of light. For those circumstances, you press and turn on LED and do not let the work momentum stop.


  • 4V Pivot comfortable grip.
  • LED torch for using it in dim light places.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Powerful battery support.
  • ¼ inches hex drive for precision.


Be careful with the magnets which are holding the tip. If they are lost, it could be quite a trouble for you.


This power tool is a great assistance for almost everyone. This power tool review will elaborate on why this screwdriver is the right product for you and why you should purchase it. When you observe its features that are serving and facilitating, you will be far more than its price, which is already quite reasonable.

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Who are the real manufacturers of this screwdriver?

It is originally manufactured in China.

What is the warranty period?

It has a period of 5 years for warranty. Any damage or device working failure will replace it free of cost.

Does it come with a case or a bag? 

Unfortunately, the suppliers are not providing any kit bag or case to keep it. However, you can purchase them from your local market.

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