TECCPO Cordless Drill Set Review

We can guess from your reading of power tools reviews that you must be in search of getting one, right? Power tools is a term we use for those tools which are capable of giving out extraordinary performance along with heavy-duty work. This product is no less and won’t disappoint you at any point. These are the tools people do not want to buy again and again, and it is preferred to be a one-time purchase. This fact now makes it even more crucial to get the right thing. We will not have suggested you this power tool if it is not for TECCPO.

Let’s talk about the amazing features so that you will know what it offers and why should we buy it?

Overview of the TECCPO Cordless Drill Set

TECCPO is a very famous brand, and it has great heavy tools reviews. It has an effective fan base, and people tend to trust it more than other drills. If you are seriously buying it once and for all, we will suggest you get the full case with all accessories. The whole kit is a package to provide you with all the necessary components such as an extra brushless drill, belt buckles, fast charger, and Lithium-ion batteries, etc. Coming with a bag to keep all of it together.

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Talking about performance, most people have a concern about speed, motor power, and longevity of single-time charging. The motor uses the advanced technology of brushless motor, which saves you from the hassle of changing carbon brushes every now and then. People also ask about the generation of sparks, so there is no spark in its drilling. The overall covering makes it safe in use, and it also does not make much noise.

Another concern is torque speed, and the torque speed this power tool is successfully providing is 530 ln-lbs, which is maxed at this price. Speed variation is also quite a feasible feature. Now, you can either drill at 400 RPM and suddenly shift it to a high speed of 1500 RPM. The high-speed provides the precision of drilling, whereas keeping it slow generates the maximum of torque.

The third most important concern is the battery life. Do not worry! When they are providing such amazing features at this price, how can they stay behind with the battery? The kit contains two pieces of 2000mAh batteries that you can take along anywhere and anytime. Other than that, you can also rely on your fast charger that takes only an hour to give full charging. Now your drilling will not have to stop because of a battery running out.

In other features, the most highlighting ones are its LED light that gives you a helping hand when you are drilling or driving the screw at some dark spot. This is the most important feature, and the ones that already have used such kinds of devices know it better. Variable speed trigger is for changing the speed to keep up with precise use.


  • Durable body with metallic tip and keyless chuck.
  • Variable speed trigger for switching among 400 and 1500 RPM speed.
  • Brushless motor for precise finishing and get rid of noise finally.
  • Portable batteries for backup use with fast charger and 2000 higher Ah.
  • LED light for working at tough spots with no or very little light.


  • When you order your drill, make sure you order the right volts, either 120- or 220-volts charger. People have faced the issue of getting the wrong chargers.
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This is the power tool that we are suggesting you consider for yourself. Some people claim it is not suitable for continuous work and support, we have used it, and we see no such issue. The product works well, and there is no such alternative or competitor to this, especially at a price like this.


Can we use the batteries with DeWalt 20 V?

We are really sorry to inform you that no these batteries are not compatible with that.

Can it be a great gift?

Why not? It is a complete package of cordless drills with portable batteries, and 33 pieces of other complementary accessories is a good one to gift to your elders or to one who is in this profession.

Does it come with some case or a bag?

It has the casing in the form of a box in which there is enough space to keep your drills, chargers, batteries, etc.

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