Top 10 Tools Every Electrician Needs

Whether you are an electrician by profession or just interested in getting some electrical work done, you have ended up in the right place.

Regardless of your line of work, it is essential that you have all the right tools at all times to save yourself the inconvenience.

Therefore, without further ado, let’s get into the top ten tools that every electrically inclined professional need to have in their kit!

  1. Multi-Meter 

This one is pretty explanatory, but that is because a multimeter is one of the most basic tools to start with. For starters, you might have experimented with voltmeters, resistors, and ammeters in your high school science labs.

A multi-meter basically works as a combination of all three, so you do not have to go around carrying all those tools. Instead, you can swap all of those with a simple multi-meter, and it will tell you everything you need to know.  

  1. Circuit Breaker Finder 

Now, working with circuit directories is a tough job. This is mostly because it is hard to locate particular connections and the service panels do not help because it does not typically match the directory anyway.

Luckily, you can make your job a whole lot easier by using a circuit breaker finder, and it will direct you to where there’s a fault or even for locating the route or location of a simple circuit, etc.

  1. A Voltage Tester 

While you are on the job, you need to identify whether certain wires are ‘live’ or not. As you already know, working with live wires can be dangerous, even lethal.

Therefore, a voltage tester can come in really handy in such cases where you need to make sure you are safe before you even start working.

It works on electrical wires, as well as electrical devices. Your best bet is to get a voltage tester that can detect voltage without coming into physical contact with the wire/device.

  1. Screwdrivers

Although this seems like an odd entry on this list, it’s here for a good reason so hear us out. For starters, screwdrivers and nut drivers are essential in any tool kit.

For electricians, in particular, there are purpose-built drivers that they can work with. For instance, screwdrivers are essential for opening up standard switchboards.

It is best to have a variety of sizes and types as well, so you can use them for any purpose that is needed.

  1. A Pair of Pliers 

This is another fairly self-explanatory item for your tool kit. A good pair of pliers is essential because they aid electricians in gripping wires or electrical components of any kind.

In addition, you need to get into certain nooks that you can’t reach with your bare hand.

You can also use pliers to cut through wires (both diagonally and for side cuts), and to tighten certain connections and clamps, etc.

  1. Duct Tape

Duct tape is a quick fix solution for almost any repair job out there. In the field of electrical work, we are more inclined towards the usage of ‘fish tape.’

The main purpose of the fish tape is to aid electricians when it comes to pushing or pulling a piece of wire through a closed conduit.

It is also very easily contracted or deployed depending on the job you are using it for and the specific length you require.  

  1. A Hammer

You are probably already aware of the standard claw hammers that you can find in any standard garage tool kit. Claw hammers really shine through when it comes to tasks such as removing nails that have been embedded deep in the wood.

Regular hammers are also necessary for electricians who are working on construction sites, in particular, to fix up board and connections well.

They also come in handy for removing odd wood pieces and splinters to clean your work surface.  

  1. Leveler

When setting up a circuit board or switchboard, it is integral that you make sure it is completely level, i.e., parallel to the ground. Unleveled boards can hinder the working of circuits, and it only gets worse with time.

Therefore, this is more of a precautionary piece of equipment as it helps you ensure that everything is leveled before you give the final go-ahead. This allows for proper functionality and symmetry within the electrical circuits.  

  1. Tape Measures 

A tape measure can be found in a wide variety of tool kits no matter which profession you are in. Even most at home tool kits have them.

If you thought electricians don’t need tape measures, then you might be in for a surprise.

The choice is up to you, however, because there are countless types of tape measures out there. Therefore, you can go ahead and choose the one that suits you the best.

  1. Portable Light Source

The portable light source does seem like a really fancy term, but we are only referring to a torch-like a light source that you can use while working in the dark.

For this purpose, a headlamp will also be really useful as it frees up both your hand so you can work with ease.


Now that you know about everything you need to complete your tool kit, all there’s left is to ensure you have all these handy at all times. This will save you from a ton of embarrassment and inconvenience later on!

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