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If you are a tool man, you must have searched about who makes the best scroll saw. Talking about saws, they are the ones who get the cutting job done. What if you need something to give your cutting a clean and delicate finishing? For that, you need more than just regular saws. Scroll saws are ideal for cutting surfaces that are really thin and delicate. Scroll saws can give you the best output for 2 inches if you are working on wood.

The next question that comes to our minds is that who makes the best scroll saws? When we talk about classy and traditional, delta power tools were the brand representing a legacy for most woodworkers even today. No matter if you are working professionally or you have a hobby to do woodwork, it has been providing the service to satisfy the need for over a century. They have a famous reputation for making Unisaws or 10 inches table saws. Their scroll saws are also up to the mark. Here is one of those examples:


20 Inches Variable Speed Scroll Saw:

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  • Brand Name: Delta Power Tools.
  • Dimensions: 30 x 20 x 13 inches.
  • Current supply: 1.3 Ampere.
  • Speed: 500-1700 spins per minute.
  • Stroke length: 0.75 inches.
  • Weight: 60 pounds.



Depth Of Cut:

This tells you how much thickness of the material should be to be cut through your scroll saw. This delta scroll saw is clearly has a better performance than the regular ones that gives you the depth of around 1-0.75 inches, whereas it gives 2-1 inches of a deep cut. The more thickness of the surface, the better it performs.


This unit had its fame because of its great accuracy. This item’s accuracy relies on three major factors that include the blade that is very thin. A thin blade helps you with sharp cutting and provides better precision while working. If you have some other tasks, you can change the blade. Then comes the speed. The speed variations have multiple options from 400-1750 spins or rotations per minute. It suits your way of working, and you will start to feel comfortable using the speed of this device in no time. The third component is maneuverability. It comes in handy when you push your material against the blade and have even complex patterns and designs. All thanks to its throat depth, you can freely move.


These devices ask for durability at the very first moment of purchase. No one would want to spend again on the same device after a little while. The motive is that the device should keep on delivering top-notch performance forever. Thanks to the manufacturers, they have made this unit of cast iron that makes it tough and sturdy. They even polish for the sliding to give you better and quick control.

Depth Of Throat:

The throat is placed at some distance from the body. It is a safety measure to measure this distance before purchasing. This unit has a 20 inches depth which can allow you to work freely without being cautious of hazardous work. The basic essential need of throat depth is around 15-18 inches to make the worker relieved. However, this unit has some lenience for moving the plank for better maneuverability.

Dust Clearing:

It has a dust hose that blows the dust away the moment it starts to collect. Now, the dust is not a hindrance anymore so that you can see properly.

User Friendly:

Usually, the scroll saws are easier and friendly to operate. People tend to learn to operate it faster than the other regular saws. Apart from that, it also gives you further convenience in tool-free blade changing and easy replacement of different tools.

Should you buy it?

This device fits well in price expectations. It is the best option at the given price if you reconsider all the above-described features. You can compare them with cheaper or more expensive scroll saws. If you see the cheaper tools or even the ones with the same price, you will find so many features absent, whereas the ones with extra features will not treat you well in your pocket.

Secondly, the higher the speed, the more it requires the skill of the user. If you are a beginner, you should avoid sharp scroll saws. Delta is the brand who makes the best scroll saws. Whether you are a newbie or a pro, you can adjust the speed according to your accuracy and practice of work.

Pros and Cons:


  • Different variants in speed.
  • Works fine with accuracy.
  • Powerful motor for scroll saw.
  • Lightweight.


  • This device is all good and well in performance if you can bear the motor’s vibration.



Now you would definitely have the idea about who makes the best scroll saws. You might find any other scroll saw that can have as much features as the one mentioned above. It is easy to carry, not to forget the upper compartment can even let you carry your blades as well. It is an overall an easy-to-use device either for a beginner or for a pro user.

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